8 Things You Should Know About Yourself

1. Your capacity for love is unlimited

Look within for love, that is the only place love has ever been, or ever will be. Ask yourself how love feels, then look within to see. Enjoy and indulge in the experience of love, appreciate it, and watch what happens. To look for love elsewhere is to deny yourself love and to overlook love.

2. You are not the body

You were there and present on your 13th birthday, right? But the body was different. Same you, right? Different body, beliefs, ideas, habits, knowledge… but something, has not changed. You notice the body change, even moment to moment, like you see the clouds change. You are aware of the body, the body is not aware of you. It is not sentient.

3. You are not a feeling

Our language is very strange; its gone a little off the rails, perhaps due to laziness. We don’t say “I feel angry;” we say “I AM angry.” You are not anger. Feelings come and go. They come and go in your presence. You don’t come and go. You are not a feeling. Thus, you don’t have to act on a feeling. Everyone has experienced that truth, doing what had to be done even though you, “don’t feel like it.”

4. You are not your job or role

We actually speak this crazy way! “I am a doctor…lawyer…housewife…friend…” What you do is not who you are. It is what you do. And it’s constantly changing, multiple times a day.

5. Your idea of yourself came from others

Your whole life everyone, including your parents, siblings, friends, school, church, songs, news, movies, etc. have all been telling you who to be, or who you are. Your name was given to you, your strengths, weaknesses, values were told to you. You were even told you are the body, in countless ways, and you were even told that you are a reflection in the mirror! You were told who or what you are, by people to were told who or what they are from the generation before. Of course, nothing they say matters, until you say it. Did you ever stop to truly ask and inquire what the truth of you is? Who would, having been told, and acted as if what you were told was true. It was just never questioned.

6. You are not an idea of yourself

No matter whether they are genuinely your unique ideas or not, they are just thoughts. All beliefs are limits, even good ones. Where are they if you don’t think them? What limits are there then? Notice the difference between you, and a thought. Thoughts come and go. They come and go in your presence. You don’t come and go. Thoughts are not you. You are not a thought. There is no better way to learn this, in your own direct experience, than in silent sitting meditation. Not only aren’t you thoughts, but thoughts are not true or real. They are imagination. Ideas.

7. You are the authority

Even if others tell you who you are (and they have thousands of ways of doing that, don’t they?), it means nothing until and unless you accept it as true. You are the first, last, and only authority of you. Whatever you put in your way, and believe to be true about you, will appear to be true. Which means…

8. You are unlimited.

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