Alchemy Makes Top 25 Spiritual Books

Alchemy of Love and Joy coverIt began with over 2,800 international books and authors. That was whittled down to 250, based on public support from votes. Yesterday, based on a combination of public votes, an expert panel, and the sponsoring publisher, Hampton Roads, only 25 books remain in the contest. The Alchemy of Love and Joy™ is one of them.

Over the next three weeks authors will write (or refine) two more chapters, and based on the quality of writing, the story idea and market potential, one book will be awarded a publishing deal plus a $50,000 marketing program to promote and sell the book, which will be launched next year.

Organizers say, “In round 1 over 82,000 votes were cast from 136 different countries. This competition has caused a wave of positive messages to advance forward into the world. This energy has now ranked this website at 42,000 in the world in internet traffic and has given thousands of authors the confidence and knowledge to get their message noticed and moving forward into people’s lives.”

Authors were required to submit a book proposal, a promotional video or audio clip, and two chapters of the book (or proposed book). You can view the entry for The Alchemy of Love and Joy™ here. Voters were sent the “Alchemy” e-book free, and past and new anticipating readers voted alike. Your practically overwhelming support has brought the book this far, and given it a chance to help potentially millions of people around the world. How humbling. How marvelous. How grateful and excited I am to be your co-creator of the end of suffering, birth of unconditional love, and awakening of joy in the world!


–in awe–

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