Bad emotions are not the ego

While bad emotions may be a “stink” that comes from ego, they are not what ego is, in and of itself. Good emotions (worldly attachment happiness) also are stink from the ego. People think only the bad is ego, but you can’t have a sense of a separate self with only the bad, there must also be the good and both support the false sense of self.
What I’m pointing to here is that bad emotions are not the culprit (though I am not saying to indulge in them!)–but the very wrong sense of who we are is; the sense of “me, I, mine.” Our very identity. When you say “I”… We need to investigate who or what we are actually referring to, in each and every moment.
If we just keep running after the bad emotions, we miss the mark, and will have to run forever.
When the discovery is made of who you are, and are not, the ego will be exposed and can die. Of course you don’t die. But your sense of you, your identity, will be forever altered and in alignment with Truth.

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