Be Happy for No Reason

Be Happy for No Reason

Dalai_Lama_2007You don’t need a reason to be happy—and even with a “reason” to be unhappy, you can be happy!

by C. Teevens

I was driving down the road, and the thought, the memory, that a client owes me a lot of money came to mind. Then some negative feeling tried to bubble-up.

When The Alchemy of Love and Joy™ came to me May 2009, I was compelled to drop everything else and only do this, and when I did so, my income dropped as well. My life turned-on-a-dime. So I could really “justify” the anxiety and fear that tried to arise, and the frustration and anger that could have also followed. But instead, I began the practice.

“What do I want?” I want to have that cheque!!

“How does having that cheque feel?”
Ohhh…what a relief, what freedom, what respect, what power, what abundance, yes abundance! As I began to feel having that cheque, previously unnoticed tension that had built in my body suddenly released, I actually felt my body let go and drop.

“Is this what I rather feel?
Oh for sure, it is. Then, seeing more of the reality around me, I noticed I was in a nice car, with gas in the tank! And a flood of other abundant good-feeling thoughts and feelings rushed in. A deep sigh of relief was followed by a smile, and then bodily pleasure began to grow… until…

“But you can’t be happy, there’s this cheque missing! And bills to pay, and…”

“BUT I AM HAPPY!” was the actuality, the reality—and suddenly, I saw and knew again that those bad-feeling thoughts were separate from my circumstances, and separate from my good feeling-thoughts. Yes, I don’t have this cheque, and yes, I feel good!! I know it is not our “normal” suffering way of habitual being, but you CAN feel good no matter what is going-on around you. The more you practice this, the more the old, painful and limiting beliefs drop away. I returned to simply feeling good, and a deep knowing arose that all was well.

The reality was that I was happy, and the incongruent negative thoughts were not reality! Of course, they could have become so. I could have chosen to follow them, and feel them and make that my reality. But for what purpose? Being unhappy will do nothing to change the fact I don’t have the cheque.

Being happy while not having the cheque does not mean I will not do something about getting the cheque! Actually, it means I will get the cheque easier and faster because I am thinking positively and clearly.

Feeling this way, how do I act? I am stable and in control of myself, more positive, polite yet firm with the client, confident, and more creative… ahhh… yes, there are more things I could do to speed this up… yessss…And when feeling good positive thoughts follow naturally. Then it struck me – For all I knew, the cheque could have been being written as I clocked kilometers! In that moment, I don’t know that I don’t have that cheque. You can see how all suffering is unnecessary and imaginary.

“Is this what I prefer to do (think) and project?” Yes, of course.

Driving down the road, there is nothing in the now that I can do about the cheque, other than feel. Given that what we feel inside appears outside, is it more beneficial to feel abundant, or troubled?

Simpler yet, given the option (which we do have), which would an intelligent and sane person simply rather feel, good or bad?

The fact is that there are always reasons that exist to be unhappy about—at the same time as there are reasons that exist to be happy about! (Experience is not what happens to you, it is how you feel when things happen). None of them are reasons, actually, they are all just “excuses” for our suffering. Have you had enough?

How we feel in any given moment is our choice, regardless and separate from events and people outside of us. All you need is to be aware of how you feel, and to put feeling good as a top priority in your life. The higher priority you place it, the more often you feel good, the less “normal” that feeling bad becomes, the more aware you are of negative emotion as it begins to arise.

How much more useful is it to feel happy and resourceful? How much better will you behave, and how much better will your results be? How much more healthy will you be?

But you don’t even need that reason. You don’t need any outside reason to be happy. Just being alive and capable of joy, just for the sake of joy itself, is reason enough. When you experience that reason, you are stepping-into your true being, and reason for being.

The Alchemy of Love and Joy™ is a book, a story of suffering transcended into joy, and a simple practice anyone can do that will create a life full of constant joy. There are awakening joy practice groups and gatherings, and the awakening Joy practice is available free online, for anyone to learn and live. Get five chapters free, now. Practice living in freedom and joy.

Cindy Teevens, author of The Alchemy of Love and Joy™ says, “It was through great suffering that unlimited, eternal joy came to me. People don’t have to suffer, and by practicing Awakening Joy™ you don’t  need to suffer again.” Her entire life changed dramatically, inside and out, and she now encourages everyone to—Seek Joy!

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