Buddha at the Gas Pump Leftover Questions with Cindy Teevens

After the Buddha at the Gas Pump interview, many people were left with questions, so Cindy held this interactive webinar. The excellent questions brought forth practical pointers to inner peace and freedom. (If you haven’t seen the original Buddha at the Gas Pump interview which sparked these questions, watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wn0eFE0y4gw&t=20s)

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  1. April 27, 2017

    Dear Cindy Teevens,

    My name, Ronda and live in Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, Canada. Am a student of ‘life’ realization that which i am not. Presently, my teachers are Mooji, Abraham, and not so long ago an amazing guy that taught me everything i don’t know, (ha), Bentinho Massaro.

    Have no in-home services, phone, cable or Internet and so not usually tuned in live to Satsangs or Webinars. What doing at present, downloading , then viewing at home on big screen tv using computer and HDMI cables.

    As far as the ‘Teaching’s’ go — listen morning to Abraham while doing things around the house, mostly audio, though download and save the good video screens and make a running playlist out of. Fascinating to say the least. Mooji evenings and those videos where actually sitting viewing paying close attention.

    Recently saw your initial BatGap interview and struck by your Message — also quickly subscribed to YouTubes and Website. Also received the Leftover BatGap Questions interview YouTube and Cindy — it really awesome for me! So many profound truths and you know — listening all the time to what resonate with — but really for the most part, a lot of the teaching for the past long while — heard before, refreshed that which has inner knowing, taking it in — but nothing so, so profound, well since actively listening to Bentinho on-line Satsangs which ended 2015 think it was. Your clear, simple profound Message really great. Oh and btw, fully realize that YOU some sort of alien from that there some sort of far away planet. There no way on this little green earth that a ‘human being’ allow what coming through YOU, girlfriend. Thank you, thank you for your perfectly clear channeling.

    Truly hope impressing upon you, the effect the Teaching have on me. Wrote someone close very recently and expressed couple of the many profound things in the recent video made freely available by yourSelf:

    “Two things of many struck me in the video — very high truths for me:

    1) The person you, (me) think am meeting — never the person you actually meeting outside of your, (my) very own thoughts about that person. Awesome profound for me and if think about — Wow. Every person we meet — only the mere fabricated ideas of our own thoughts about.

    2) Things attached to me, have nothing whatsoever to do with the ‘real’ ME — Ever, ever!”

    Library where Internet on-line, one half hour closing and so wrap up. From my heart Cindy Teevens and Team, thank you ever so much. Wish you all the very Best and hope can catch up or stay connected with you by either making point to tune in during on-line live Teachings/ Satsangs or purchasing and then downloading after the fact to view at home on big screen.

    Also, must add really appreciate the way you conduct business. Flow of on-line video and sticking to topic and your guns. Really awesome ALIEN. lol

    Heartfelt love for YOU,

    Until next time, (or in a no-time at all space zone) gf, ha


    BIG HUGE HEARTS CONNECTED WITH THIS E-MAIL and not just from me, Cindy Teevens! xoxoxo

    1. Post

      Hello Dear Rhonda,

      So heart-warming to meet you, such a sincere seeker
      not willing to accept anything less than the Truth.

      That will make it shine!

      Know that I am as alien, and as at home, as you 😉.
      Nothing different here.

      Thank-you for taking the time to write and share from the heart.

      With goodwill, and blessing beyond belief,

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