Creating a New You

fire-Streichholz-wikemedia-72-dpiThe new age movement is awash with ideas of creating a new you.

Words like growing, learning, expanding, creating, and co-creating are all the rage. But there’s something very shallow about creating something that can be re-created again and again. It points to the non-reality of it all.

I can think the thought, “the stove is off,” all the while the house is going up in flames. You can hold absolutely any thought, including ones that have absolutely no ground in reality. If you accept “the stove is off,” you have only indirect thought-knowledge. If it is really important to you to have absolute, direct knowledge, what must you do? Continue reading

The awake bird gets the worm

the awake bird gets the wormThis morning I was sitting by my sister’s pool, sipping hot chocolate, when my attention delved so deeply into thoughts and images of an event of the recent past that I did not immediately notice the robin land in the shady grass and begin to chirp. When her chirping got close enough and loud enough, the spell was broken, the dream ended, and my attention went fully on her for a moment.

Upon noticing that I had been lost in thought, I do what I always do, which is to come to my senses; to feel into the body and breath, feel the heat of the sun, my seat on the steps, hear the call of the bird, notice the taste of the hot chocolate; to come back to present awareness. Continue reading

My silence has broken

My silence has broken

teevensThe moment that I fell to my knees in the woods crying with intense love, joy, and laughter is not one that I thought I could ever explain or share. I still don’t.

That “direct seeing” happened January 30th (2010).

I’ve been quietly absent for a month, contemplating what to do with something I had never experienced before, and had no reference point for which to understand it myself, never mind to share it.

It is ineffable. Unspeakable.

Yet, a few months ago when considering the things that were coming to me, a thought “I can’t share that.” was immediately countered by “Don’t hold back!”

Indeed, I have not held back since being gifted with joy and being compelled to write the book. So I will not hold back now, either.

For about a year now I have been carrying a recorder around with me because learnings and knowings began to arise spontaneously.

Today, it came to me to begin intimately sharing my experiences as well as the nuggets of understandings as they come.

In the next message I will try to speak the unspeakable and share that experience in the woods, what I read and learned days prior, what was happening just before everything changed, and later, my processing and integration of it.

Many of these intimate sharings will not be published on my website, they are divulged primarily to my friends and close, regular readers.

I am also going to begin sharing some of the audio recordings I have made during contemplative moments. I already sent one–something that came to me on my walk today as I considered someone who turned down a request for help.

Looking forward to regular, open, intimate sharing with you  and all your comments, questions, and input.

You can leave questions or comments on every page of my site, or general comments here:

I will reply to all.

Peace and joy,