Cracking the shell of the false self

Dear Self: I realized that I am in this all alone anyway, meaning that people might give you hints or tips but in the end it’s me that has to work it out. Also wondered a bit about the applicability of what otheres say. Sometimes it seems that it’s kind of like telling a person who’s stuck in the wheelchair how to walk. What I mean is that it’s not really a method or a path but a description of a way of being, which then isn’t how they got there in the first place.

Mooji speaks with Cindy about her Direct Seeing

Mooji speaks with Cindy about her Direct Seeing – This video was made April 26, 2010, and the direct seeing happened three months before, and nine months after the discovery of joy within. “I had been seeking God, to see and know the Divine, or Source, directly, not as a thought, concept, or hope, but to have final knowing of Truth.”