The end of seeking is just the beginning

I stopped seeking, but that does not mean you stop living. In fact, it means you have just started living! I did not stop seeking because I gave up; I stopped seeking because I was given everything. There is nothing more desired. The end of wanting and seeking is not boring…

Are we all One?

Cindy covers dealing with the ego & degeneration of thought, while a guest asks if she is speaking about us being all one. The subject then leads to separation, God, Self-realization, and what she calls the “direct seeing.”

Fear of Surrendering

VIDEO: Cindy discusses resistance itself as being the false “I,” and how to clearly recognize this, without doubt. She works with someone to overcome the fear of the wish to surrender. Notice how the beautiful wish for surrender is grabbed by the “I,” which turns it into a fear.

I am angry at God

Try as hard as you can. Get as adamant as you can that you have to do it your way; that your way is different. Get as defiant as you can. Get as frustrated as you can. Get as angry as you can…until…