Proof that we are all One

Think that objects or people, separate from you, make sounds? This will rock your world! Watch one side of this image and listen, then watch the other side and listen. What word do you hear?

The Case of the Missing Button

After an intensive and productive session of self-inquiry and exposing the ego with a client, as she was leaving, she noticed, “I’m missing a button on my coat.” We both looked around, to see if it was on the floor…

Fat is not a feeling, thanks Facebook!

“Fat,” is indeed not a feeling, anymore than “skinny” is a feeling. The capacity for the human mind to contort, twist, delete, and generalize thought until we reach unbearable suffering continues to amaze me. That is what suffering is, the degeneration of thinking, unnoticed, uninterrupted. Yet still, thinking has nothing to do with what is, and what is never hurts,

The end of seeking is just the beginning

I stopped seeking, but that does not mean you stop living. In fact, it means you have just started living! I did not stop seeking because I gave up; I stopped seeking because I was given everything. There is nothing more desired. The end of wanting and seeking is not boring…