Pope Francis’ 10 Happiness Tips Mostly Miss the Mark

Today the Pope gave out his advice for being happy. Most of them are how to get along with others, which is more about the happiness lie than inner happiness. They are also very vague. (The Happiness Lie is the belief that things, people, or events make you happy or unhappy. Read more about it here.)

Below are the Pope’s ten tips translated from Spanish by the Catholic News Service, and my comments on them. Society is experiencing more and more suffering, as the rising stress, anxiety, depression, drug use, and suicide statistics show. If even our religious leaders and experts believe in the happiness lie (the idea that things, people, or events “make” us happy or unhappy), where will our mass ignorance continue to take us? In spite of that dire direction, I know that individuals can break free, and this is why I continually point to the confusion about the source and cause of happiness and pain. Continue reading

What is Your “Why”?

Today I saw a mother bird, desperate to feed her babies, attempting repeatedly to get to them.

Would she die of exhaustion trying to feed her babies, who would then die of starvation? Watch the video.


Until you are free, you need a “why” stronger than your attachment to free yourself.

Mother bird had a pretty big “why.” Several of them.

If she had a mind, on the 22nd try she may have thought, “I can’t get in,” believed it, and gave up. Whether or not birds have any sort of thought, we don’t know, but if she did, she certainly did not believe it. Continue reading

Hate Taking Tests?

Instant Alchemy Tip


Does taking tests feel out of control, dependent, at risk of failure?

Look closely: Does the pending test, which hasn’t happened, actually “make” you feel afraid, judged, and out of control–or are the fearful or frustrating thoughts *about* the test causing it? Continue reading

Nobody is Ever Rude

Discover how nobody is actually ever rude, and therefore
your whole experience and perspective can be turned around
from aggression to compassion and peace.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHeading out for a walk with a friend, she started out in an exasperated state, complaining that Americans are rude. Then the story unfolds about how she went to an event with hundreds of people and was about to sit down when a woman came over and told her, “That’s Amanda’s seat!”

My friend continued, “She was so rude! And it was how she said it, with that tone of voice.” Now this friend has known me long enough to know something about my perspective, and she was not particularly surprised to hear me say, “No-one is ever rude to you,” but she was resistant.

But what if they ARE being rude?! She said emphatically. Continue reading

Do Relationships Become Stagnant After Two Years?


What a dangerous statement. (Sheesh I wonder what happens after 20 years? Do relationships mould and rot in a stench? If that were true, why would anyone stay together? It’d be… “Oh, it’s two years plus one day… time to part.”)

That’s like saying life becomes stagnant after two years! There is no such thing as stagnancy. Everything is constantly changing. Even mind, which can stink with the idea of stagnancy, is always changing, moment to moment. Continue reading

Putting an end to mental pain and suffering–and sleepless nights

How to deal with feeling adequate,
and get a good night’s rest

Client: In the middle of the night snoozing is all I managed. I slept 45 minutes or so between 4–5:20 and again from 6:20–7:50. Going to try a little more.

Cindy: So is mind running around some topic?

Client: Last night it seemed to be a cumulative thing. But definitely areas we can target tonight (on the teleclass.)

Cindy: Cumulative… There is no such thing. There can only be a thought about cumulative, believed in. How does that thought feel, good or bad? Continue reading

The Truth About Happiness Webinar

Technology is making it possible to present the happiness lie, and the truth about happiness, around the world, live, right from my office.

FREE – Thursday, June 26th, 9PM EST.

We are launching the first ever free world-wide, public webinar on the Alchemy of Love and Joy. I will state the case for the lie and the truth, introduce listeners to the Three Powers you were born with, and offer to walk people through the life-altering practice of Alchemy as well as take questions and answers if there is time. You can participate or just watch and listen from the comfort of your home. If you want to participate you must have a google+ account (they are free here) and a webcam.

To participate, register ahead of time, join here.

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This will be the first of many, so be sure to join – you will  hear about additional free webinars on love, relationships, career, and inner peace and freedom.

Antidepressant drugs may make mental illness worse

Research shows SSRIs reduce brain’s capacity to produce serotonin

Pills_wikimediaChris Wodskou of CBC news reports, “What if mental illnesses like depression aren’t really caused by chemical imbalances, and that millions of the people who are prescribed those drugs derive no benefit from them? And what if those drugs could actually make their mental illness worse and more intractable over the long term?” Continue reading