What is inner peace?

Inner peace implies something different and in opposition to outer peace. It implies independence from outer peace.
But our society believes that our inner peace is dependent upon our outer peace, and so we are continually trying to control outer things, people, and events in order to ensure our inner peace.
This activity ensures that we never discover the independence of our inner peace from outer things, people, or events.

Get Closer to Cindy with Periscope

Through Periscope you get a new set of eyes and ears. It’s the closest you’ll get to stepping into my shoes. You will see people shift from pain and suffering to inner peace, happiness, and love. Be inspired to look within and make the shift and change yourself. It’s similar to television, but it’s not passive; you can interact and influence the presentation by sending text messages, and expressing love and appreciation by tapping the screen to send hearts. I will be broadcasting twice daily, Monday to Thursday, and once daily Friday to Sunday, spanning different times zones to be as available as I can for people around the world. I will be bringing you into my world, pointing to a new perspective for you, a new way to see and respond to the world, again and again. And it’s all free!


Inner Peace in a Traffic Jam

“Honk! Honk!” Yesterday I found myself in the city at rush hour. Hesitating to cross an intersection lest I get caught in the middle, but not fully stopping, I crept slowly, eyeing the car to my right who was also crawling to turn right.


Give the Gift of Healthy Boundaries

Spirituality can be interpreted in a way that renders one a “doormat,” as though spirituality calls for having no preferences or boundaries of one’s own. But even awakened people draw boundaries, and take action to benefit the ecological whole. Spirituality is not about “not rocking the boat,” out of fear of what might happen. Nor is not about “being bigger” by accepting someone’s imposition upon you.

Saving Stuffies for Seniors

Stuffies for Seniors, which delivers comfort, care, laughter and love to Ottawa area seniors through stuffed animals, is at risk of shutting down due to a car accident, so organizers are planning a fundraising workshop called Real Love, July 19th. The workshop is being offered by Cindy Teevens, international author and speaker.

The Truth About Happiness ~ Video 2

The Truth (and Lie) about Happiness
 Truth Never Hurts, Imagination Does
Ongoing Webinars, Join here: https://gobeyond.leadpages.net/alchemy-q-a/
The Truth About Happiness –  Discover the real reason for society’s rising anxiety, stress, depression, suicide, and drug use rates, and how individuals can break free. What Cindy calls “Alchemy” will change your personal and professional life, unleashing love, joy, and peace. Recorded for replay for those who can’t attend. Learn Alchemy, ask questions, interact with me live! Listen to her walking people through Alchemy, and get your own private session and personal breakthrough.

The Truth About Happiness ~ Video 1

The Truth (and Lie) about Happiness
Judgement, and Racial Slurs
Ongoing Webinars, Join here: https://gobeyond.leadpages.net/alchemy-q-a/
Discover why anxiety, stress, drug use, depression and suicide rates are soaring in society. Learn how individuals can change course, discover the truth, and establish inner peace for life. Learn how to feel good fast – experience or witness inner transformation.

Is it a spiritual crisis or mental illness?

A spiritual crisis is when someone’s identity, purposes, values, attitudes, goals, or beliefs, are drastically challenged, often by unforeseen events. This results in upheaval and a dramatic change in focus in their lives. It may or may not involve a mystical spiritual experience, and it may or may not trigger a mystical spiritual experience.