Bad emotions are not the ego

While bad emotions may be a “stink” that comes from ego, they are not what ego is, in and of itself. Good emotions (worldly attachment happiness) also are stink from the ego…

People think we are connected, and that is the problem

People think we are connected, and that is the problem. What is required, assumed, or built-in, in order to be connected? Disconnected. We originally think we are “other” than the totality. We imagine that we exist as some actual, separate thing called a person. So we try to band-aid that strong belief in separation with a weaker idea that we are “connected.” It will never work. What is needed is to begin to see…

How can we all be one?

Pop Quiz!
How many trees are there?

I saw this on my walk tonight, and it inspired this blog. Seen from a limited perspective, it appears there are two trees. But that is not the truth. Seen from the true perspective, there is indeed only one tree.