Take a leap with me

When we look in one direction, we cannot look in another. We cannot not move in another. We cannot have or experience anything else. Life, and Alchemy, is like that: when you put your attention on what you don’t want, you get it. When you put your attention on what you do want, you get it. Both cannot happen at the same time–it is one or the other!

We can come to a point where we turn away from seeking happiness from the world, and we seek it within. But it cannot be half-hearted, or it will fail. It seems everyone knows (mentally) that peace love and joy are within, yet they are still seeking it elsewhere and as a result, going without, and getting frustrated or even angry.

In 2009 I turned away from the world and discovered infinite and unshakable joy, love, and peace within, and I wrote my first book, “Alchemy.” I have been moonlighting as a print and web consultant in the side, ever since, so my attention, resources and energy have been split. This month marks a turning point for me as I take a business leap of faith, let go of moonlighting as a consultant, and dive full-time into helping people realize and embody the inner joy and freedom I have been gifted with.

Burning Bridges

I thought of recent conversations with colleagues about the “tipping point” or “turning point” where, when a decision is made, it’s over and there’s no turning back. We’ve been trying to grasp what exactly that is; it seems to be a decision, but perhaps it is more than that…

Could this be the new earth?

Could this be the new earth?
“Thanks so much for sending the e-book….I just read it and I’m tingling from head to toe. This is so IT! And the crazy thing is, I get it! And even better, I am BEING it!!! –J. Myers, Vancouver”
When my life took a sudden and complete turn this spring, there were a lot of unknowns. Of course ultimately everything is unknown, and that affords for utter freedom. However I did not know that then. And I did not know if my radical experience and shift in consciousness would last, but here it is. I did not know if it could be actuated by others, I did not know if my learnings would be of use …