Antidepressant drugs may make mental illness worse

Research shows SSRIs reduce brain’s capacity to produce serotonin

Pills_wikimediaChris Wodskou of CBC news reports, “What if mental illnesses like depression aren’t really caused by chemical imbalances, and that millions of the people who are prescribed those drugs derive no benefit from them? And what if those drugs could actually make their mental illness worse and more intractable over the long term?” Continue reading

Canadians are Drugging Unhappiness

Canadians now rank among the highest users of antidepressants in the world

OTTAWA, ON – The Ottawa Citizen reports that “One of Canada’s top psychiatrists says too many Canadians are treating life’s normal spells of misery …By asking a doctor to make their lives better.” According to the article, Canadians take  “twice as many antidepressants as Italians do, and more than Germans or French.” Continue reading