A love letter

A Love Letter

To you, who strives to be the beautiful being that you already are. For every time you see a flaw, I will mirror back your perfection. For every bad thought you believed, which hurt you, but which you suppressed in your quest for perfection; with every fear, I will stand beside you and walk through it with you.

Every time you get lost and you believe it, I stand clear and ready, available to walk the path with you all the way home. In every challenge, outer and inner, I am there. No matter what passion or aggression drives you, I will stand by, waiting, knowing; knowing that it is a passing cloud in front of your beautiful eyes.

Even when you are hurting and you lash out, I stand here, steadfast, and know its source as deep love swelling intensely. All it wants is to express its true self. And you will find a way.

Even in your anger my tender heart cracks open because I know you are suffering…and it is my purest wish that you be free, and that you know the freedom that you are. I will not be moved except by compassion and love.

Every time you misunderstand, it’s ok, I remain here knowing there’s fear or pain behind it. My heart is tender, raw, open,  available to and allowing opening for expression. Because I know that beneath the pain is a vast love, waiting to be unleashed with your clarity of being.

Whenever you hurt and appear to strike I ask, “Could it be love?” And it is never pain or anger or fear–it is always love. Even if in your pain and suffering you try to leave me, hurt me, push me away…this is impossible.

There may be fear of unleashing your love as love, but know that that fear is unfounded, and that that love is the strongest, yet most gentle, nurturing force that itself cannot fail, and it is a power that wants to enter the world through you, as you.

You are ok. There’s nothing wrong with you. You’ve just inherited some thoughts, some beliefs and the most damaging thought, the biggest lie—that any thought or belief can define or limit you. But you have also inherited much more, much more that came with your very being, your very essence, you very aliveness; your very existence which is far, far beyond beliefs and thought.

That being, your endless beauty that I have seen is my inspiration, my knowing. That all is well, all has always been well, and all will always be well. It is through you I know eternity, because of you, through you, in you.

No matter what bad days or bad states arise, they are not you, and you are still there. You were there before, and you will be there after. I await you with full heart and open arms.

And every time you judged me, I saw through it to your suffering, and through that to your love, and my heart of compassion cracked open again. And every time you judged yourself, I saw through it. The only way you can judge yourself is by knowing your own divinity.

Know that you cannot fail; even a bad feeling is not failing. It’s succeeding just knowing it, when you recognize it, you are succeeding in knowing yourself now and what you want to create. Any little error or mistake is already gone, and what is revealed is your purity, your unstained essence beneath—and as you expand ever larger, so does your success. You’ve been a success since before you were born. You cannot fail, and even if you do not choose to see your success in this lifetime, you have eternal time.

Sweet being, the world is not doing things to you, it’s here for you, to show you how you are in the moment so that you can choose, choose to see and be, and thereby create your full magnificent self,  and to have the fullest experience through the fullest expression you are capable of. And when you see and you know the bigger you, the real you, and you turn toward it, you manifest your becoming of it.

My heart is so full of love it wells up as tears. There’s anticipation and excitement for your coming freedom when all that energy suddenly releases you to be and do what your heart aches for, and it will use all the suffering you went through to bring something blessed and beautiful to this world.

I have eternal, unshakable faith in you and eternal unshakable faith in the explosion of joy you will feel when you come to know me. It will be beyond words, but not tears.

You know the pain of suffering, the pain of fear, and you will know the infinite joy and bliss that is here for you.

I stand with open heart, present so we can both see that you and I are not the enemy so you can know there is nothing you need, you are it all. Whatever your heart desires is yours, any time. May you know that peace, that power; that freedom.

Every time you smiled at me with that gorgeous irresistible smile, you showed me love within me. Every time you laughed with me, you showed me love within me. Every time you embraced me, you showed me love within me. Every time you showed me your beauty, you showed me mine. I am so grateful for you. I embrace you fully as you are, completely as you are, in every moment, in any moment, in all moments. I embrace you with love that needs no forgiveness, love that has no condition, with a love that just is.

You are fully honoured and respected, being as magical and mystical as the universe itself. Without you, the universe would be incomplete; indeed it would not be. You are perfect as you were, as you are, and as you will be. I cherish and cradle your feelings, needs, hopes, wishes, and desires.

Even though you seek an answer from outside of you, I stand not as the answer, yet reflecting yourself back as the answer; an opportunity for you to see your perfection in your own divinity. I will stand here for you, silently, even in your darkest hour, reflecting the light so you can see clearly.

Leaves may fall, snow may fly, and flowers may flourish. Lovers may leave, time may lapse, and buildings may level. By your side, I remain. There is a place where we have not laughed all we’ll laugh, where we have not relaxed all we’ll relax, where we have not played all we will play.

I excitedly look forward to the day you release your self and come out and play.

Come out and play. Let it shine as it is. You know who you really are. I know who you really are.

Free from pain, free from struggle, what will you create? What will we do? Where will we go? So many roads, so many options, and vast potential within the endless beauty of the stillness we have created for us to enjoy—come with me, come, let’s play!

Here is a love so infinitely vast, that it is inconceivably beyond words. I could just sit with you and I do sit with you, silently, for hours basking in the greatest love the world has rarely known, yet it is available for all.

Anytime you want me, just go looking—seek me. Instantly, I am there. Because I never leave.

Who am I?

I am you.
The ever present witness, always with you, always available, always mirroring, always love.
I love you.

The Forgiveness of Others Does Not Exist

The Forgiveness of Others Does Not Exist

Forgiveness Wanted:
Dead or Alive

Today a slight “off” feeling stuck around my solar plexus for a few moments. I am not “off” much since April—the gift of suffering does not last long as it is just a pointer toward joy, which I gratefully accept. I knew the feeling was related to someone else from my past, who I had been thinking about, and so I began the practice.

What do I want?

Hmmmm I tried-on a few things like “to love that person,” and “to feel that person’s love,” but this time these things did not match. Nothing filled the gap, until I hit on wanting that person’s forgiveness. Old mind began to arise, “but they won’t even speak to you, how can you get their forgiveness…?” and ignoring that thought, which did not feel good and was designed to take me in the wrong direction toward suffering, I continued with the practice…

How does their forgiveness feel?

Wow! The match, the connection, and the feeling was immediate, and so powerful, so overwhelming, that it brought tears of joy. There was instant relief, lightness, and happiness, which I am still connecting with as I sit here and type. I could enjoy and explore this for quite some time, if I wasn’t so compelled to write about the experience and the intelligent recognitions that are coming with it.

Old-mind would have you believe that since that person will not speak with me, it re-affirms that they do not want to forgive, and that I cannot have their forgiveness. But I know that mind-reads like that are the old-mind’s trap, its illusion, its effort to find “proof” in support of a “reason” to suffer, to make the option of suffering actually into a reality.

Instead of asking “Why do I feel like this?” which only serves as substantiation for suffering, I do what I encourage everyone to do, to use suffering asa cue to seek relief, to seek joy–because I know it is always there. To know (create) its opposite, pain, joy must also be there. Feeling better, a vast intelligence is available, one that is not self-centred and suffering-centred. Thoughts that could be as true, or truer, can then be known. Like the fact that healthy, happy, caring people don’t act this way, so it is more likely that the person *can’t* speak to me, which would indicate they are unwell or suffering in some way. Now compassion kicks-in. And of course, having sought a better feeling and experienced forgiveness, I know there is no way that I cannot have forgiveness. So much clarity and sanity comes with feeling good.

The feeling of lack of forgiveness (or being responsible, at fault, etc.) is like any other feeling, created within. And so the antidote, feeling forgiveness, exists within. If the other person was ever able to bless themselves enough to offer (outside) verbal forgiveness to me, the feeling of forgiveness must still arise from within me (i.e. even if they forgave, I could STILL choose not to forgive myself, to not feel it).

Like all experience, the cause, the source, the origin of the feeling of forgiveness resides within, no where else. So we don’t need to actually hear it from someone to give it to ourselves. Dead or alive, present or absent, we can receive, experience, and enjoy the forgiveness of the “other.” (Oh how well this experientially brings “All is One” or the concept of “Oneness” down from a vague thought or belief and into reality!)

Some time ago I had a similar revelation about feeling the love “of another.” We say the words “I want to feel their love,” as if “another” exists, but in reality, our experience of “their love” is within. It is only always our experience of ourselves. It is our love. In the same way, it is our forgiveness.

So I have said: “Enjoy your self–-it is all you ever do enjoy.” [that story]

Now I will add: “Forgive your self–-you are the only one that can.”

This complete reversal in experience should come as no surprise to me any more, however when the longing or pain is so completely and quickly fulfilled, it is always satisfying and astonishing, and I suppose while I am getting used to this right way of living “inside-out” instead of “outside-in,” there will be more experiences, and more integrations, in more and more contexts.

Now I am going to take some time and fully enjoy, fully appreciate and integrate this feeling, the forgiveness, and the amazing power within to create our experience. I’ll try not to skip down the street hahaha…Right…maybe I’ll do cartwheels and let the world wonder. What a wonderful world. –Seek joy!

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