Happiness challenge “may lead to sadness”

Happiness Cannot Lead to Sadness

How the truth about happiness is obvious

by Cindy Teevens

A report on CBC news says that, “focusing on what makes you smile for 100 days is full of paradox.”

The article continues, “The happiness challenge is based on the premise that happiness is a choice. It asks participants to submit a photo every day of what made them happy, without trying to make others jealous.”

But the 100happydays website says that, “71% of people who tried to complete this challenge failed and quoted lack of time as the main reason.” The site blames and goads the participants, saying, “These people simply did not have time to be happy. Continue reading

Canadians are Drugging Unhappiness

Canadians now rank among the highest users of antidepressants in the world

OTTAWA, ON – The Ottawa Citizen reports that “One of Canada’s top psychiatrists says too many Canadians are treating life’s normal spells of misery …By asking a doctor to make their lives better.” According to the article, Canadians take  “twice as many antidepressants as Italians do, and more than Germans or French.” Continue reading

How do you find happiness?

That is one of the most asked questions
at this time in our society…

…as if happiness was a thing, hidden away from you somewhere, and all you need is the right instructions, maybe a map, to find it. Well, there’s good news, good news, and more good news.

  1. Happiness is not hidden away from you,
  2. there are instructions and a map, and
  3. you have been looking in the wrong place, and that is good news because now you can stop.

Most happiness seekers find ways to lower stress, make time for favored activities, seek a love relationship, get a better, higher paying job, take a vacation, buy a new home, have a baby, etc. Notice the common trait and hidden assumption in each one of these: 1) every one is an attempt to change something outside of you, 2) implying that happiness is outside of you, and so therefore you assume need things, people, or events in order to have happiness. But just where does happiness reside? In looking for things, people, or events, we have been missing the obvious. Continue reading

It’s a Question of Life and Death

It’s a Question of Life and Death

The real reason why I urge people to seek joy…

Recently someone unsubscribed from my newsletter, politely and usefully leaving the comment that they are “beyond” what I offer. It made me wonder, did they know what is truly available and offered?

Is Alchemy really only about a warm fuzzy feeling? No.

There is a purpose with far more value beyond that mere band aid. Continue reading

Double Rainbow, What Does It Mean?

Double Rainbows, and Sticks

Double Rainbow Yosemite ecstacyOn January 8th, 2010 a video was posted on YouTube of a man in Yosemite National Park witnessing a complete double rainbow.

As of today it has 33,396,614 views!

(click the picture above to view it)

Many of you have probably seen a double rainbow, and may wonder, what’s the big deal? Other than the fact that at one point the rainbow was complete, going all the way from one side to the other, it was the man’s reaction to the experience that resulted in the video’s wild popularity. He exclaims “Oh my god” over and over, crying and laughing in ecstasy, asking “what does it mean?!” Continue reading

Is Happiness in Your Genes?

Is Happiness in Your Genes?

What a strange statement to me. Of course, since the “gene connection” was made years ago, we’ve been saying variations of “It’s in you genes” since then; as if you were born that way, there’s no other option, and that’s the beginning and end of it. One of the best things I learned in high school was something more about genes than what scientists and the news usually present: the difference between phenotype and genotype.

At one time, I was deeply involved with horses. Horses are traditionally measured using your hand, from the ground to the top of the shoulders, and so we can describe a horse as being “16 hands high.” Anyway, I was fortunate that my Senior General Science class was about genetics, and I learned that while a horse might have genes that “say” it should be 16 hands high, it might in reality only reach 14 hands high.

That is the phenotype, the actual expression, which may be different from the genotype due to outside, environmental influences. Continue reading

Happiness is Within – But What Does that Mean?

Is it just a cliche, a dead thought? Or is it alive in and
as you?

What does “Happiness is Within” mean in your actual life?

If that is truth for you, then it means that

  • there is no clinging; you do not need anything nor anyone outside of you,
  • your movement of attention when you seek well being is inward, not outward,
  • you stop seeking happiness in things, people, or events.

It means equanimity, and the unshakeable peace that comes with it.

When people do think or say the words “Happiness is within,” most are just giving it “lip service.” For those people, it is just a nice theoretical thought they use when it suits them – usually while counseling others. They say it just because it sounds good, and they generally only say it about themselves when things are going well. Few say and uphold it when things go awry. Continue reading

People don’t support my happiness!

People don’t support my happiness!

During a TeleClass last night, I described how my experience of life has changed since discovering the joy within; how things, people, or events–even the weather, don’t bother me, and someone who was relating emailed this question:

“How do you explain this concept to others in your life? Sometimes, it seems people can’t accept that everything is ok. And not only ok but great. And they want to tear that down.”

To deal with this, you could learn communication techniques or ways to improve your self-confidence or self-image, but those are just temporary, superficial band-aid attempts that support a sense of separation, of ego. Alchemy is much more radical, it is not about learning or “how to.” It cuts to the core of false beliefs and shreds them; it is about fundamental, irreversible transformation. Continue reading

You were Born a Bundle of Joy!

You were Born a Bundle of Joy!

—and you can reclaim your birthright, right now

by Cindy Teevens

          ”Standing in a print shop, waiting for my order, I stood with what I knew could be interpreted as a “stupid grin” on my face. Things got a little busy there and it took some time, but I could have just stood there in joy indefinitely.

          About six people busily moved around the room, either in apparent mundane or stressed states. Nobody was smiling. Watching this, I felt like I was going to burst—I felt like a kid with an enormous secret. If they only knew that they could be doing what they are doing in a state of joy! They are doing what they are doing anyway! Continue reading

The Joy of Being

The Joy of Being

Seek joy! Seek joy until you cause joy! Cause joy until you know you are joy. –C. Teevens

When I urge people to seek joy, usual mind may think that means vacations on sandy beaches, a shiny new car, ecstasy with a lover, or a rich bank account. That is the usual way people try to make themselves happy. The blatant reality is that all of them come and go. All of them are impermanent and unreliable. Because we have needed them, we believe in free will so we can try to make them happen. And it may be that you do get them. Once, twice, or even more. Yet still, they do not stay. And as they say “you can’t take it with you.”

Not only don’t they stay, but they are not the cause of feeling good. There is no happiness in two tons of metal on wheels. The paper in money just lays there, inert. So where does it come from? Even in touch, there is no joy.

Touch one hand with the other. You know how skin and bones feel, right?

Now touch your hand with love.

What just happened? The feeling changed right? What was the difference? Two things:  your intention, and your attention looked for the experience you call love. And it is there.

Who created that?

Who did you need to give it to you?

“We don’t want people, things, or events. We want the feeling we mistake them for.” –C. Teevens

You could lay beside someone and generate a feeling of love. You could lay beside the same person and feel disconnected. Even as you lay beside another, YOU are what makes the difference. Otherwise, you would always feel the same laying beside them.

This is the confusion of people, things, or events for the feeling we mistake them for. When we mistake these for feelings, we begin to think we need them in order to feel good. Or we need them to be a certain way or to say a certain thing in order for us to feel good. This is attachment.

This confusion is wanting, and this wanting CREATES a feeling of incompleteness, of loss, of agitation, and stress–of bad feeling, where there was none originally. Of course, it is not true that you are incomplete, however regardless of what is true or not, a feeling of being incomplete can be created and experienced. That is how powerful you are. Feeling is not truth, and bad feeling can blind you to truth.

You can know in your own experience that when you stop hitting your thumb with a hammer, it will feel good. That is the first good feeling you get, from stopping “banging” yourself with want. Then, not even aware of it, you give yourself permission to feel good; you enhance the good feeling with intention and attention.

Because we thought the source of our joy is outside of us, we also think the source of our pain is outside of us. And so when we feel bad, we go looking outside for the reason, in a vain attempt to fix it. Instead of seeking reasons to feel bad, I encourage people to ask themselves what it is they want, and then to seek it, to reach for that feeling, which is always readily available to “give-back” to yourself. So instead of looking for the cause/problem, I encourage people to–Seek joy!–to look within for good feeling, no matter what is going on around you.

The joy of Being has no object of happiness. As Mooji’s teacher says, “You don’t need anything to be happy. You need some thing to be unhappy.” Happiness is what is already the case. Learn conscious control of your intention, attention, and how to tap into as full an experience of the joy of Being as you are capable of, every moment. Practice “Alchemy” and–Seek joy!