The Truth About Happiness ~ Video 1

The Truth (and Lie) about Happiness
Judgement, and Racial Slurs
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Discover why anxiety, stress, drug use, depression and suicide rates are soaring in society. Learn how individuals can change course, discover the truth, and establish inner peace for life. Learn how to feel good fast – experience or witness inner transformation.

Dear Self, the spiritual version of “Dear Abby”

VIDEO: You are seeking answers to why you feel, act, and react the way you do, or maybe you are even questioning who you are. When the student is ready, the teacher appears (to appear). No matter where answers appear to come from–your mentor, a book, your friend, enemy, dog, or a tree–ultimately, they come from within, from your Self. So ask away, because the Truth is available, here and now. Welcome to the catalystic conversation that can unveil it.

Suicide, Love, Joy, and God

Cindy highlights how happenstance happiness, or object happiness, is temporary, while inner joy, peace, and love never sway, no matter what goes on in life. In this way, it is eternal and Divine. But the radio host asks… “Is the joy you speak about self-centred? Listen to her answer now.