Suicide, Love, Joy, and God

Cindy highlights how happenstance happiness, or object happiness, is temporary, while inner joy, peace, and love never sway, no matter what goes on in life. In this way, it is eternal and Divine. But the radio host asks… “Is the joy you speak about self-centred? Listen to her answer now.

Happiness challenge “may lead to sadness”

Our whole of society’s approach to happiness is fundamentally flawed, from the seekers to almost all of the happiness experts. The proof is in this article itself, which has four instances of the false and painful belief that things, people, or events “make” us happy or unhappy. I call it “the happiness lie,” and this mass epidemic is responsible for our astronomically rising stress, anxiety, depression, drug use, and suicide rates. Generation after generation…this unconscious painful belief is caught like a virus by everyone else.

Canadians are Drugging Unhappiness

… if its not a drug solution, it’s a surgery solution. It is said that when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. Medical doctors do not put enough emphasis on other alternatives, mostly because they don’t know about them, are not trained in them, and it’s not their job. So each person has to educate themselves and become their own health advocate because as the article points out, there are a lot of perils to drug use for mood management.

How do you find happiness?

How do you find happiness? How does that question feel, good or bad? It’s an unhappy, needing, wanting, dissatisfied thought-feeling itself, right? But only when you put your attention on it. What is assumed within that question? That happiness has been somehow “lost”. Misplaced. Out of reach, here and now. The only thing keeping you from happiness is this false thought knowledge that happiness has been lost. Rubbish. So the first thing to do it to throw out the trash.

It’s a Question of Life and Death

It’s a Question of Life and Death

The real reason why I urge people to seek joy…
Recently someone unsubscribed from my newsletter, politely and usefully leaving the comment that they are “beyond” what I offer. It made me wonder, did they know what is truly available and offered?
Is Alchemy really only about a warm fuzzy feeling? No.
There is a purpose with far more value beyond that mere band aid.

Double Rainbow, What Does It Mean?

He exclaims “Oh my god” over and over, crying and laughing in ecstasy, asking “what does it mean?!” Many of you have probably seen a double rainbow, and may wonder, what’s the big deal? When you start acknowledging the miracle and mystery, and beauty around you, you will begin to know and experience the miracle and mystery, and beauty within you. Watch Peter Russell’s presentation on “The Primacy of Consciousness” below. (A must watch; just over an hour, and worth every minute.) But do not stop at intellectual understanding, because even Peter admits that knowing it as thought is not Knowing It. Knowing It, you know the joy of all experiences from the sublime to the ecstatic, the joy of all creatures great and small – and the joy of all things from a blade of grass to a double rainbow.

Is Happiness in Your Genes?

Before I discovered the inner source of joy, my level of happiness was extremely low for a few months, and then in a flash, it shot up for many months and later leveled-off somewhere higher than my “normal.” Could the genes have somehow dramatically changed? Supposedly, as the unchanging, inherited “cause” of happiness, they cannot.