Anything you can “become” is false

We hear a lot of experts talking about what you’d like to “become” as a person. This means that whatever you became before can change, and is no longer valid. This means that whatever you will “become” can change, and is not valid. These are ideas and thoughts about who you are

What is an appearance?

Things are not as they appear, but…what is an appearance?

When circling is not just circling…
On my walk today, a brisk, windy fall day, a glance upwards gifted me with something new: the sight of hundreds of seagulls flying around each other, high in the air. The first thought was

Nothing New on a Detour

On the road, detouring through a new town that these eyes have never seen, still there is a knowing, a recognition of something that has not changed with the clocking of kilometers. Nothing here is new. Nothing here is not known. Nothing here is separate. Actually, it’s been that way the whole trip, something has stayed the same, all the way from Brampton. A vastness, peace, and joy comes with this eternal, unchanging recognition.

What do you see?

That is the strange thing about common experience, people have come to see everything as ordinary, as mundane. For most, it takes a dramatic change of seasons for them to notice anything, for them to appreciate and enjoy anything. It is common place on my excursions in the woods to meet people who try to see what I am seeing by looking in the same direction, peering, narrowing, and squinting, only to finally ask, “What do you see?” If I told them, they’d not believe me.

We are not in control

We only appear to make plans, choices, or decisions–when really we are merely responding to what is. When you know that, then there is no struggle when things do not go as planned. Only adventure. Only unlimited possibilities.

Cosmic Pathways Alchemy Audio

Wow, what an intense day at the Cosmic Healing Fair Sunday! Back-to-back, condensed Alchemy sessions, during which every participant realized powerful shifts. Thanks for playing and supporting the charities :-). Here’s a participant’s comment, plus the audio recording of my presentation.

Faster Than the Speed of Mind

The scooter shot across two lanes, and once again I was thankful there was no cross traffic. The driver of the car was shocked but unhurt. My legs shook uncontrollably and a short while later, the emergency vehicles began to arrive. Most of the pain seemed the same as the old injury, only aggravated, and the x-rays showed nothing broken. But when the doctor cautiously opened the neck brace and checked my neck, pressing along it, one spot drew a squeal from me, and I said “That was new!” He quickly closed the neck brace, strapping me back in, and ordered a CAT scan.

Mind the Gap – You are Before Thinking

The water splashed over the edge of the bucket and pooled out on the bathroom floor, running under the door.

I looked down at the puddle and a moment later heard the thought “water spilled on the floor.”

The obvious time delay in that thought arising was almost shocking, and I chuckled at the redundant comment from the “peanut gallery.” Years ago I never even noticed the delay. Today, in this moment, it was never so obvious that thought comes after experience—and quite some time after!

Burning Bridges

I thought of recent conversations with colleagues about the “tipping point” or “turning point” where, when a decision is made, it’s over and there’s no turning back. We’ve been trying to grasp what exactly that is; it seems to be a decision, but perhaps it is more than that…

The way I met the Peaceful Warrior

The Way I Met the Peaceful Warrior

I love the old zen story about the farmer who’s neighbors thought it was a bad, unlucky thing that his horse ran away. The old man’s reply? “We’ll see.”
As the story goes, the horse came back with another wild horse, and the neighbors quickly switched to remarking how good and lucky that was! The old man’s reply? “We’ll see.”
Then the old man’s son started training the horse for riding, but he was thrown and broke his leg. Again the neighbors switched to how bad and unlucky that was. And again the old man replied, “We’ll see.”
Later the army came but could not conscript his son due to the broken leg, and again the neighbors …