The True Source of Love

VIDEO: Cindy addresses the limitation of love relationships, soulmates, the true source of love, the reality/unreality of the world via separation, who you think you are, three powers you were born with, fear of a future interview, the suffering of imagination, the happiness lie, suffering after someone’s death, the nature of thought, fear being unnecessary, daily death of the thinking mind.

Suicide, Love, Joy, and God

Cindy highlights how happenstance happiness, or object happiness, is temporary, while inner joy, peace, and love never sway, no matter what goes on in life. In this way, it is eternal and Divine. But the radio host asks… “Is the joy you speak about self-centred? Listen to her answer now.


What is Your “Why”?

Today I saw a mother bird, desperate to feed her babies, attempting repeatedly to get to them.
Would she die of exhaustion trying to feed her babies, who would then die of starvation? Watch the video.
Until you are free, you need a “why” stronger than your attachment to free yourself.
Mother bird had a pretty big “why.” Several of them.
If she had a mind, on the 22nd try she may have thought, “I can’t get in,” believed it, and gave up. Whether or not birds have any sort of thought, we don’t know, but if she did, she certainly did not believe it.

I Want the Relationship to Continue

I Want the Relationship to Continue
[27:28] Participant discovers love never came from another, and how not to dump himself. All relationship is truly with yourself, and need not end.
Transcription coming.

I Wanted Honesty and Unconditional Love

“I think that…I’m unsure of what their actions actually were…and more…concerned with where my mind was going with the situation…not necessarily…I didn’t know if they were being dishonest or not I just know how I felt at the time, or what I was thinking at the time.” That is a big thing to realize because we never actually suffer as a direct result of what somebody does or says, we suffer about our beliefs about what they did or said. I really suggest you download the book because it talks a lot about mind reads. Mind reads are claiming to know what someone else’s intentions (or state) were. If you love this person, and if you what to have true open honesty and pure love with them, then when you notice a mind read, a bade feeling mind read, in your mind–its coming from you don’t forget, its not coming from them–ok?