What is Your “Why”?

Today I saw a mother bird, desperate to feed her babies, attempting repeatedly to get to them.

Would she die of exhaustion trying to feed her babies, who would then die of starvation? Watch the video.


Until you are free, you need a “why” stronger than your attachment to free yourself.

Mother bird had a pretty big “why.” Several of them.

If she had a mind, on the 22nd try she may have thought, “I can’t get in,” believed it, and gave up. Whether or not birds have any sort of thought, we don’t know, but if she did, she certainly did not believe it. Continue reading

Ottawa Deadly Train Crash: Driver may not have seen it coming

800px-OC_Transpo_double-decker_bus_on_route_97XPsychologists: “…it’s possible to see an object clearly without realizing it’s there.”

On September 18th the driver of an Ottawa double-decker bus ran into a train, killing six people and injuring thirty.

The safety barricade and systems were fully operating, and the train was driving relatively slowly. Investigators have found no cause for the collision so far.

The driver was only seen trying to brake in the last few seconds before impact. One news article the Ottawa Citizen says,

Psychologists say it’s possible for drivers to see an object clearly without realizing it’s there.”

I found that to be a stunning expert statement for our society at this time, and very close to my experience of not seeing a man’s face with two different coloured eyes. In that experience (and a few other similar ones), I realized that it is not the eyes that see, but Continue reading

Come to life in ecstasy

Come to life in ecstasy

Good news—and more good news! Your experience has been dulled-over by thoughts and beliefs about how it “is.”  You are capable of experiencing so much greater sensual and joyful heights.

How good something can feel, how vibrant something looks, how flavourful something tastes, how fantastic something sounds, how ecstatic intimacy can be, and even how your body feels just being alive! The Alchemy of Love and Joy™ awakens all the senses and enhances your experience of life.

It’s the tendency to label—it’s thought that distances you from your life. You then experience the label, not life. In The Alchemy of Love and Joy™, the intense practice of just feeling brings you to life.

Practice allowing. Believe the senses (whether you are feeling good, or feeling better, or feeling great, or more and more ecstatic), believe the actual experience—not the thought about what you “should or should not” or “can or cannot” be feeling. Believe the experience, and if you are going to believe any thought, let it be “but I AM feeling it!”

And just feel.

—Seek Joy!

Learn more about the book here. Practice living in freedom and joy now.

There are no problems

There are no problems

After The Alchemy of Love and Joy™ came to me, I could so clearly see where I “went wrong” in relationships, or better put, where I could have done better. Of course, we always do the best we can with what we have, so I could not have done better. Yet at the time, I was conscious of not wanting to respond in the ways I did, of wanting a different outcome, however I was not in the state I needed to be in. I sensed that if I could be so radically different, so opposite, that things would be so opposite. But I did not know how. When you are feeling bad, or separate, or distanced, or that you need something, how can you be and do what you need to, with full and sincere congruence?

You can’t give what you don’t have, and you can’t get what you want if you can’t be it first.

This could appear to set up a catch-22, but it’s not a stalemate–the key is to give yourself first what you want, full, completely, and passionately. You may become so satisfied that you no longer want it, and that may be enough. Or you will become so satisfied that you are overflowing, spilling-it-out all over so that it spreads and catches like wildfire.

What you want to avoid is buying into the idea that there is ever a problem. When someone buys-into the story or illusion that there is a problem, the attention is on the problem, and not where it needs to be–on the solution. When two people buy into the same illusion, even more challenging and complex systems and reactions can come into play. But at any point, these can be interrupted, and there really is no such thing
as a real problem.

If we identify “chair” then we automatically identify everything that is “not chair.” The moment you identify a “problem,” you identify what is “not problem,” or, the solution. So whenever you think there is a problem, you must know the solution. And you do. What you did not know is that you can give it to yourself. So truly, there are no problems.

Scenario: your partner begins to believe in a problem, and so s/he begins to see “negativity” in you, begins to hear your comments as negative, not simply as your identification of contrast, your expression of preference. If *you* buy-in and believe she has a problem with judging you, well, you can imagine where something like this can go. What if you instead gave yourself acceptance? How does that feel? Feeling it fully and completely, could you then see her actions as identification of contrast, of her preference? Instead of coming from a place of defense from having judged yourself, could you then, from your place of acceptance, know and appreciate that she is striving for a positive lifestyle, and in how many ways now can you both fulfill such a lovely vision?

Scenario: What if your partner has an adversity to an intimate act you’d like? You could view that as a problem, and everything you do from there forward will support it as being a problem, or you can feel what having it is like while with him/her, and experience the energetic feeling of having it anyway, which will do one or both of two things: satisfy you, and/or show your partner just how much you like it, and perhaps in the sharing of that it may become a turn-on for both. Problem? What problem….

Get and read the book, free, and practice living in freedom and joy now.

How is Suffering Optional?

Pain is mandatory suffering is optional – The Mechanics

  • Pain is a function of the body, to guide you away from something not beneficial, like a hot stove. Keeping your hand on the stove will keep hurting. Once the body has been hurt, it will continue to hurt until you remove the source, and give it rest long enough to heal. That is not optional.
  • The pain of suffering guides your attention away from thinking that is painful and not beneficial. Keeping your attention on the pain will keep it hurting. Emotional pain stops the moment you move away from it, when you move toward something better feeling. That is optional. (Or just don’t even create it.)
  • Any feeling, thought, or belief that is not in alignment with who you naturally are (freedom, joy), or that causes pain to others (not in alignment with who they are, and the fact that you are not separate) will cause you suffering.

We don’t need to struggle with thoughts and beliefs to feel better now. You just need to pay attention to what you are feeling, to what you do want, and how that feels. When you do that, because you are not your thoughts, and they were never attached to you in the first place, thoughts fall away. Seek Joy!

Download the Alchemy cheat sheet, free (under “book”). Practice living in freedom and joy now.

Does suffering serve a purpose?

Does suffering serve a purpose?

Suffering causes you mental and physical anxiety, raises your blood pressure, makes your heart work harder than it needs to, triggers inappropriate and extended adrenaline production, exhausts you, negatively effects the chemistry of the mind, drives you to behave in ways you may regret, and can lead to depression. Suffering strains the body and causes illness. Suffering spreads energetically to other people. It could be called the worst disease, perhaps even the cause of all disease.
Does suffering serve a purpose? Yes…

The only purpose for suffering is to put your attention onto which direction you are moving in, and to point you toward peace and joy.

(related article: Pain is mandatory, suffering is optional)

The only purpose for suffering is to wake-up to joy. Take control of your life, your health, and your contribution to the health of the world today, and begin practicing The Alchemy of Love and Joy™.  Use suffering for the only thing it is good for–to point you toward joy! Read more on the purpose of suffering in the book.