What is Self-Realization?

What is Self-realization? Self-realization does not mean everyone around you perceives you as warm and fuzzy. How they perceive and feel is their business. This is also true before Self-realization. Each is the master and authority of themselves. Otherwise what is the point of Self-realization? Warm and fuzzy does not mean someone else is realized; it means you are feeling warm and fuzzy.

Dear Self, the spiritual version of “Dear Abby”

You are seeking answers to why you feel, act, and react the way you do, or maybe you are even questioning who you are. When the student is ready, the teacher appears (to appear). No matter where answers appear to come from–your mentor, a book, your friend, enemy, dog, or a tree–ultimately, they come from within, from your Self. So ask away, because the Truth is available, here and now. Welcome to the catalystic conversation that can unveil it.

What is an appearance?

Things are not as they appear, but…what is an appearance?

When circling is not just circling…
On my walk today, a brisk, windy fall day, a glance upwards gifted me with something new: the sight of hundreds of seagulls flying around each other, high in the air. The first thought was

Creating a New You

The new age movement is awash with ideas of creating a new you. Words like growing, learning, expanding, creating, and co-creating are all the rage. But there’s something very shallow about creating something that can be re-created again and again. It points to the non-reality of it all.

What is a “spiritual” author?

When you cruise the categories of the books entered in the “Next Top Spiritual Author” contest, you find subjects like:
Art, Business, Dating, Diet & Nutrition, Divorce, Gardening, Massage, Organizing, Sports, Technology, Travel, and UFO’s. This makes one question exactly what is meant by a “spiritual” author. The contest organizers say “This competition is focused on finding authors who have a message that appeals to the spiritual market. This market, often referred to the “new thought market” offers personal growth and spiritual messages (religious messages are not considered “new thought”). Authors like James Twyman, Neale Donald Walsch, Wayne Dyer, James Redfield, Abraham Hicks, etc – have messages that appeal to this market.”
To me, in the truest sense of the …

The Joy of Being

The Joy of Being

Seek joy! Seek joy until you cause joy! Cause joy until you know you are joy. –C. Teevens
When I urge people to seek joy, usual mind may think that means vacations on sandy beaches, a shiny new car, ecstasy with a lover, or a rich bank account. That is the usual way people try to make themselves happy. The blatant reality is that all of them come and go. All of them are impermanent and unreliable. Because we have needed them, we believe in free will so we can try to make them happen. And it may be that you do get them. Once, twice, or even more. Yet still, they do not stay. And as they …

Seeing eye-to-eye

Seeing eye-to-eye

I looked and blinked. And looked. And blinked.
Something was not quite right with him. Something about his face. That was a year ago, and our first meeting. It was not until the third meeting that I could see what was obvious–he had one green eye and one grey eye!
And here it was happening again. I looked up at the doctor and noticed something “off”. Then she asked me what I was there for.
On the weekend I headed out for my walk but found myself being drawn deeper and deeper into the woods, and into the stillness. Onto a log, I layed on my back and released into it. Then sat up and sank further. Then drawn deeper yet into …

Today is not the day that Dad died

Today is the seven-year anniversary of my Father’s rebirth into spirit. Notice how much less a “charge” there is, how much less suffering there is, how much more truth and presence there is in the statement of the anniversary. Today is not the day that Dad died. That day was a long time ago, and that day, that experience, has nothing to do with this day, this experience. This day is not that day, and we do not have to try to “reincarnate” that day now.
If I had not been reminded, it would not have been top in my consciousness and may have passed unobserved. That is not a suppression or avoidance of any kind. It is a simply a …

My silence has broken

My silence has broken

The moment that I fell to my knees in the woods crying with intense love, joy, and laughter is not one that I thought I could ever explain or share. I still don’t.

That “direct seeing” happened January 30th (2010).

I’ve been quietly absent for a month, contemplating what to do with something I had never experienced before, and had no reference point for which to understand it myself, never mind to share it.

It is ineffable. Unspeakable.

Yet, a few months ago when considering the things that were coming to me, a thought “I can’t share that.” was immediately countered by “Don’t hold back!”
Indeed, I have not held back since being gifted with joy and being compelled to write the …