Do Thoughts Make You Suffer?


No. Thoughts are powerless, harmless, in and of themselves. Left along they can come and go because they only have a momentary existence, and no reality.

Thoughts are powerless

The brain’s job is to offer you thoughts, as options, not as mandatory, and it does a brilliant job of that, automatically churning out 40,000 thoughts a day, it is said. But you don’t believe them all, nor are you even aware of them all. So thoughts cannot “make” you suffer. Only when you Continue reading

Stress is not a circumstance

Stress is not a circumstance

Study finds strong link between strokes, stress

In “Study finds strong link between strokes, stress” in the Ottawa Citizen today, Dr. Michael Hill, co-chair of the Canadian Stroke Congress and Director of the acute stroke unit at Foothills Medical Centre in Calgary, says “Not everyone who has stress has stroke. But is it a contributor? Absolutely.”

Stress is not a circumstance

This begs the obvious and so perhaps overlooked question:

“What is stress?”

While Hill says “There is no doubt that the things that happen in people’s environment — their life, their ability to manage and interact with their life — results in changes in their biology which puts them potentially at risk.” Here we see that Hill believes, like most people in our society, that your inability to “manage” your life, to manage outside circumstances, is what causes stress. The corollary to that implies that your ability to manage your life relieves stress. So in other words, your ability to change the outside. This trap has led our society into a vicious cycle of suffering, because it encourages attachment to things, people, and events outside of you, which are constantly changing and not in your control. This managing, controlling effort is futile for that reason and also because stress is not a thing, a person, or an event. No circumstance on the outside can cause your inside heart rate to soar or your blood pressure to build. Continue reading