Cindy and Mooji Speak the Unspeakable

The Laughter of Speaking the Unspeakable with Mooji

What fun! April 25th, 2010, on a live webcast,

I got in as the last caller to speak with Mooji…

Mooji teaches “self-inquiry,” which was the additional practice I added just before the direct seeing of self in the woods this past winter. The use of his words cut through the false sense of “I” strongly grabbed me, turning me inward. (More on that in “Speaking the Unspeakable” in this newsletter.)

In the video, I tell Mooji about that understanding, and the experience of the laughter and crying with joy and gratitude, and our attempt to speak the Unspeakable was funny.


Thank-you Mooji!

After further inquiry some weeks later, even the urge to see Mooji fell away. Love and joy remain.

Five years later…

I am beginning to attempt to speak, share, and point. I have worked with people in intense suffering over the years, and found some techniques to help them expose the ego, realize the false, and clear the path towards Truth.

For more information, click here to learn about…

Exposing the ego program


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