Client: on Concepts

Client, speaking on conceptual thought knowledge…

Client: I am not so interested anymore in giving you the answer I think you want to hear.

Cindy: Good. Because I’m not interested in parroted knowledge you acquired from others, which sits as mere thought and is easily accessible, off the top of your mind. Your actual truth is what I want to hear. Your direct experience. It’s about your authority, not mine. Be brutally honest with yourself, and me.

If you don’t have an immediate answer that is perfect; that is when true inquiry really begins. It means your inquiry will be deeper than superficial learned thought-knowledge; it will be real. Parroted conceptual knowledge will arise and be compared to what actually is, what is real in your truth. It will be either thrown out as false, or directly known to be true, and then it is no longer a concept.

Do not accept what I say merely because I say it.  Do not accept what anyone says merely because they say it. Really look–look without mind. Question what you see. Question what you think you see, because seeing is not about thinking. Look at what is, compared to thought. Notice what is a thought, and what is not. It can result in the false being exposed, insight, and perhaps your own direct seeing of Truth. Remember: You must recognize the Truth. Nobody else can do it for you.

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