Client: on Self-Inquiry

Self-inquiry: Questioning the I

Client: Now when I feel agitated or angry, I find I am always questioning the I.
Cindy: Good. And what happens?
Client: Calmness
Cindy: Good.
Client: It dissipates.
Cindy: What dissipates, the I?
Client: No ha… a dissipated I?
Cindy: Ha–what would that be, eh?
Client: Nothing. I can’t find the I.
Cindy: Yes. Without “I,” what upholds anger?
Client: Nothing.
Cindy: Without anger, what upholds the “I”?
Client: Nothing.
Cindy: Don’t stop at the calmness, that is when the true inquiry is just beginning, so continue with the inquiry into the I; what becomes of it?
Client: It’s not here.
Cindy: Was it ever here?
Client: No.

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