Come to life in ecstasy

Come to life in ecstasy

Good news—and more good news! Your experience has been dulled-over by thoughts and beliefs about how it “is.”  You are capable of experiencing so much greater sensual and joyful heights.

How good something can feel, how vibrant something looks, how flavourful something tastes, how fantastic something sounds, how ecstatic intimacy can be, and even how your body feels just being alive! The Alchemy of Love and Joy™ awakens all the senses and enhances your experience of life.

It’s the tendency to label—it’s thought that distances you from your life. You then experience the label, not life. In The Alchemy of Love and Joy™, the intense practice of just feeling brings you to life.

Practice allowing. Believe the senses (whether you are feeling good, or feeling better, or feeling great, or more and more ecstatic), believe the actual experience—not the thought about what you “should or should not” or “can or cannot” be feeling. Believe the experience, and if you are going to believe any thought, let it be “but I AM feeling it!”

And just feel.

—Seek Joy!

Learn more about the book here. Practice living in freedom and joy now.

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  1. One needs to be aware (attentive through out the day to truly live in fullness of all experiences. Being life…opens up all senses…

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