Could this be the new earth?

Could this be the new earth?

“Thanks so much for sending the e-book….I just read it and I’m tingling from head to toe. This is so IT! And the crazy thing is, I get it! And even better, I am BEING it!!! –J. Myers, Vancouver”

When my life took a sudden and complete turn this spring, there were a lot of unknowns. Of course ultimately everything is unknown, and that affords for utter freedom. However I did not know that then. And I did not know if my radical experience and shift in consciousness would last, but here it is. I did not know if it could be actuated by others, I did not know if my learnings would be of use to anyone else. But The Alchemy of Love and Joy™ is altering lives.  People are experiencing profound shifts from simply reading the book, and lasting change from doing the practice.

“Cindy, thanks so much for your book! You have taken what was for me a life long journey to find peace and happiness and put it all into one FREE e-book. You have truly found what Jesus meant when he said “the kingdom of Heaven is within.”
You and your work are critical as we come into the next stage of human evolution. I have passed your book on to loved ones who have also been dramatically changed. God Bless you in all your endeavors.” —Bruce Black, USA

I also did not know that this was what I’d be doing. I was simply a business and web consultant with the same sufferings most people experience, the same “needs” and “fears.” And now I am challenged as I ratify old language with new mind. The mass consciousness and belief that the outside can actually somehow cause pain on the inside is so deep-seated as to be built into our language in expressions. I don’t have needs anymore, because if I did, I’d just give them to myself. “Having a need” right there is suffering. The assumption that you don’t have something is built right into language, by omission. Now being needless is built into my being. The same thing goes for fears. Having a fear simply means you have a need to feel something, and this so simple yet powerful discovery is that you can give it to yourself any time. Even–and especially!–in the middle of suffering.

“I was your father two years ago! The only difference is I didn’t die. I just wanted to, but I couldn’t finish the job, even in the drunken, depressed, hopeless state I was in.  I have read a few spiritual books like The Four Agreements and A New Earth. I was convinced that spirituality was the answer.
But when I read your book it was an instant spiritual awakening, now knowing that I can feel good all the time. I have begun to practice feeling good and guess what? It feels good! Thank you again for sharing what you have learned. That is very loving of you! I will continue to read your book and continue to practice feeling good and continue to practice love.” –A. Ottawa

I am happy, and peaceful, and fulfilled, and ecstatic as I go about this new work that apparently I am doing. Though I know it is not me “doing,” it has been out of my control since the beginning, and I am just along for the ride. The response from readers is what makes me know that this is helping people and that the inner drive to get it out there knows what it is doing, even as I have no idea how it will unfold or sustain itself. Come to think of it, that is also how my shift happened. I had no idea of how, just an unshakable desire for the end of suffering and to feel better, directly in the face of glaring outside circumstances which I used to believe would not allow it.

“Thank you for the wonderful book. I started to read it last night and could not believe the insights it brought. I plan on giving your website details out to all of my meditation students. I am certain that it will prove extremely helpful to them.

When you do begin traveling, if you are ever in the Philadelphia Pennsylvania area, drop me an e-mail and I would love to help you in any way that I can….. maybe a book signing, or a lecture. Take care Cindy and THANK YOU :-)” –Steve Sonnefeld, Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Now nothing matters, not the weather, not bills, not illness, not death, and not whether or not someone loves me, because in all instances, what is wanted are feelings and with or without these events or people, I can give myself the feeling (and I have been “tested” on all of these). Nothing matters as in I have everything, and everything matters because now I have more than enough to give, I have overflowing generosity and compassion. As a secondary result and benefit, I now also have everything on the outside that I want, and before I had nothing. The inside shift came first, after years of struggling against the outside. First and foremost you must want your freedom from outside things. There is a song I love that ends in this whisper, if you listen closely, “If you want to be given everything, give everything up.” She could have not been more right. (I will get the name.)

“Cindy, Thank you so much for opening your home and soul. You’re an amazing leader and teacher. I have my joy back! I have not stopped smiling or feeling so *good* Words fail me to express what my body and mind is saying.
I want to write you a song, a poem, a dance and show you a rainbow. LoL. Cause you gave me the way to get out of the ebb and stay in the flow! The lessons I learned in those few but “extended” hours of loving conversation I’ll cherish. and use. and share. Thank you. Namaste sweet love”–Michelle De Angelis, Ottawa

With all the abundance of response and gratitude I am receiving, I decide how best it is to feel about it, and that is humbled by the power of people, how magnificent they are, the amazing and lasting change they are capable of, and the awesome, endless compassion and love hearts can contain. We are truly enough, and there are enough of us to tilt the scales toward a new earth.

“Have read Hicks & similar books, love them all. Yes, conscious control was what was lacking in me, has taken me 60 years to learn this is possible!!!!!!! I have Tolle’s books too. Your book has simplified it for me, or should I say, crystallized it for me. Yes you are absolutely right, I often limit my own joy, put a lid on it! silly me! I am constantly searching for answers and your answers are the clearest I have encountered.” –@GeorgeArtz

One person CAN make a difference, and I am so excited with anticipation to see the massive impact and difference enough of us will make by spreading the message of freedom, peace, and love in The Alchemy of Love and Joy™.  Together we are changing the world. You can continue to do that by sending people to this page to get the e-book free.

“Your book is so good… it’s a breakthrough for me! A real breakthrough, I will read it over and over again because something clicked when I read this and I know that it’s the key that I was missing. This element that I was missing–every page, “yes, yes, yes, she’s right.”

I’ve been practicing law of attraction for four years now, but it seems that you gave me the key to my happiness, and I know that I will achieve it. I understand it, I can practice it, and I know it works. You made a big difference in my life just by reading your book. Thank-you!”–Christine, Ottawa

As more and more people find their freedom of feeling, I look forward with anticipation as the vision forms of a self-fulfilling society of people where only love and peace, and the further exploration of this mystical, magical experience can exist. I have everything I want in this life, any time I want it. Now, all that is left is to enjoy experience and to purposefully create, and how exciting it is to create freely! Imagine a world of people living like that… could this be the vision of the new earth?

We don’t know how it will unfold, or exactly how it will look, but our visions will combine to co-create something entirely different from what is. Please, share your vision for a new earth.

I sincerely thank and appreciate you,

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