Dealing with Being Dumped in a Relationship

Alchemy Session Audio Recording [24:02 min]


Listen in on the conversation as Cindy walks a participant through the practice of Alchemy. Notice that Cindy asks the questions in the now, and the participant tends to answer in the past until she has shifted state.
Here are some transcribed excerpts:

“We don’t want things, people, or events, we want the feeling we mistake them for. If you have the relationship and you didn’t have a good feeling, would you want the relationship?”


“How does being in relationship feel? How does being full, appreciated, honoured, loved, validated, and unconditionally accepted feel?

“It feels foreign.”

Bonus Recording

The After Effects of Alchemy [12:55 min]


Listen to the thought-feeling “There’s so much suffering, and we are not even aware of it,” get turned-around with Alchemy, and how Cindy’s experience went from painful wanting to joy, to equanimity, to the purity of not judging good and bad.


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