Dear Self: “I am not you, I do not see”

To my client who says “I am not you, I do not see” – that does not mean that you will always believe in yourself. I used to believe in myself. What is it to believe in yourself? It is to not question who you think you are.It is to believe in the I-thought, and all it’s problems, as your actual self, and to not see it as the thought it is. When you stop seeing the false I-thought as real, you will see Truth. While you think the rope is a snake you will not see the truth it is a rope. One must question the believed identity of the snake, and discern the difference between a snake and a rope. Do the same between the I-thought and yourself, and you will see. The one that says it does not see is not you.

I do not see because of the experience I call the “direct seeing,” I see because I questioned. Only then can “direct seeing” happen.

Questioner: If I let go of the ” mistaken self identity” because it is false and not real is what your saying the same as what the buddhist call ” not self”

Cindy Teevens Yes, or “netti-netti” (not this, not that is me) but this can be a mere vocal or mental egoic statement with no potency. What is not negotiable for release is the actual, direct looking, the checking, the inquiry of who or what the “I” in the thought is, and realization of the I-thought as not you. Then a thought may come “ah, not me” and it points to Truth, and is not mere lip service.

Questioner: Ok Cindy, let me say. I am currently following the course in miracles spiritual discipline. I think it says in the Acim text, that ” the ego cannot know and the spirit cannot see” . So the egos wrong mind is blind and dumb. Is that correct?

Cindy Teevens I am not sure what the course specifically is pointing to as “spirit” in this context. If it is the false sense of an individual soul, the separate “I-thought,” then yes. The ego is just an I-thought, and no thought can see or know Truth or Reality. Thought is always a mere comment about Reality, and as such is complete imagination–illusion, if believed to be true.

Questioner: Yes, it’s my current level of understanding that what we both are pointing to are indeed the same fact that you are making reference to. Thank you for your wisdom and insight.

Questioner: Ok it seems to see as you are describing seeing the ego will create arguments against that direct experience. Is that been true for you Cindy?

Cindy Teevens While you see the snake you cannot see the rope. The critical take away here is to question what you think you see, question what it actually is that arises and says “I”. Without the questioning, all you will see is the false, and Truth is veiled.

Cindy Teevens It is not that the ego “creates arguments against direct seeing,” but that the ego itself is the argument.

Questioner: Ok thanks again for ” helping me to see” and what to look for. Namaste

Cindy Teevens Blessings, Namaste _/|\_

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Perhaps you’ve noticed that no matter how hard you try, you can’t stop thoughts, and you are not impressed with many of them. Disillusioned with the temporary material world, you might be asking, “Is this really all there is to life?” You may feel empty and frustrated, perhaps with a sense that something is off, or missing. The big questions, “Why am I here, how did I get here, where do I go from here?” may be arising. You can ask these questions, and more, here. You are not necessarily religious, yet you sense there must be something more, and you might even use the word spiritual. Maybe you’ve heard of the cosmic joke, awakening, or enlightenment, but it all sounds like Greek to you.

Yet still, there must be more…Something real, and true, and lasting.

There is. It is awaiting your recognition.

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