Dear Self, the spiritual version of “Dear Abby”

VIDEO: You are seeking answers to why you feel, act, and react the way you do, or maybe you are even questioning who you are.  When the student is ready, the teacher appears (to appear). No matter where answers appear to come from–your mentor, a book, your friend, enemy, dog, or a tree–ultimately, they come from within, from your Self. So ask away, because the Truth is available, here and now. Welcome to the catalystic conversation that can unveil it.

In this very first live broadcast of Dear Self, Cindy speaks about falling in love with love Itself, the happiness lie almost everyone is living, an end to suffering, and beliefs/thought vs. direct experience. Using three powers everyone was born with but are unaware of, she offers a quick demonstration of the Two-Minute Technique to Inner Peace.

Learning to question the question can remove ignorance, and knock thought off the pedestal its been on since man learned to think and speak. Thoughts are pointed out as options, not truth, and Cindy demonstrates how thought can deteriorate. We are not just monkeys with guns and money, who and what you truly are is far more dignified than that. Cindy introduced questioning who you really are, speaks about the ego, body, and personality.

She discusses how we can’t control thoughts and don’t need to, and that when you feel bad, bad thoughts come easily and effortlessly, so shows people how to feel good first, using the whole body-mind, not just positive thinking. Cindy credits humility/surrender, accepting not knowing, as the opening to Truth.

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Dear Self is also a facebook group, a community of sincere seekers looking for answers to why you feel, act, and react the way you do, or maybe you are even questioning who you are.

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Perhaps you’ve noticed that no matter how hard you try, you can’t stop thoughts, and you are not impressed with many of them. Disillusioned with the temporary material world, you might be asking, “Is this really all there is to life?” You may feel empty and frustrated, perhaps with a sense that something is off, or missing.  The big questions, “Why am I here, how did I get here, where do I go from here?” may be arising. You can ask these questions, and more, here. You are not necessarily religious, yet you sense there must be something more, and you might even use the word spiritual. Maybe you’ve heard of the cosmic joke, awakening, or enlightenment, but it all sounds like Greek to you.

Yet still, there must be more…Something real, and true, and lasting.

There is. It is awaiting your recognition.

Learn to use the five powers you were born with an online course, and get personally guided by Cindy through the practice called Alchemy.


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