Did God create the world and its suffering?

Dear Self: A course in Miracles states that “God did not create the world,” and “projection makes perception,” implying that the world of separation/bodies/death is the creation, or rather, the making of the ego-consciousness. Dear Cindy Teevens, do you confirm this given your spiritual realisations?

Cindy Teevens Even the idea of God as other, is an idea of separation, and it is so with the idea of the world, as other than yourself. “The world, seen as separate is false; the world, seen as the Self, is real.” (a Ramana Maharshi quote or paraphrase.)

Questioner  Given that the world is seen one with Truth/God/Self, the question then is, would an eternal Life & divine Love create the experience of separation, attack, disease and death? Would you not see a conflict in this?

Cindy Teevens But this mind-thought-knowledge does not help, and without direct experience is only had as a concept. It is not useful for the mind to try to grasp these things, which it can only do conceptually, rather it is far more real and useful to question concepts with your direct experience. Your direct experience is every moment showing you that there is no separation.

Cindy Teevens That is a perfect example; the mind grasps a concept and then makes problems based on it. That which appears to create separation (there is none), is it self unreal.

Questioner Knowing that there is no separation deep in the Heart seems to not change the fact that this living dream (the world) carries all the symbols of separation, which God/Truth would not and could not be dreaming into existence. So, it seems that what is dreaming this world is a part of Consciousness apparently separated (i.e., separated in belief) from Truth/God. Would you confirm this, or would you say that this dream is a dream in God’s mind?

Cindy Teevens How is it possible to know non-separation deep in the heart, and see separation?

Questioner The mind can see it even though it is not real, just like seeing a mirage on a desert. And the body then becomes the witness to such a separation perceiving many separate bodies. This would make the dream of separation not real but nevertheless experienced by the mind to be real. So, the ultimate question then is, who made this illusion/dream? It could not be God/Self. Do you see the conflict I am inquiring into?

Cindy Teevens Mind cannot see separation; it creates the illusion of it.

Cindy Teevens The question is flawed. The moment you look for “what” is dreaming, you create the illusion of separation. To ask and to try to answer this question one must already fundamentally assume and accept separation. So no answer will be correct. This is an example of mind grasping a concept (not a direct truth) and binding itself into a problem. Here we must question the question rather than try to answer it.

Questioner Alright let me restate the inquiry? Would God/Self, a divine Love, create a world, where death, disease and attack are experienced?

Cindy Teevens No matter what happens or appears to happen in this world, is it any more than a passing experience? Nothing of the world is permanent, and as such, is not Real. That which is Real is unchanging. Seek not temporary things of the world to mourn about them, seek the Unchanging right here in your midst.

Cindy Teevens That God did not create the world is neither right nor wrong. God as separate from you or separate from the world is untrue, so without separation, how could we say one thing created another? This idea is offered to help those along the way who have conflicting concepts like God is pure and God created an impure world. With the end of separation comes the end of impurity, and the end of such conflicts. The world itself is innocent. It is the idea of being a separate self that makes one conceptualize a separate world and God, and that is where all the trouble is. Ego- consciousness did not create the actual world, just the hell it lives in.

Cindy Teevens Apologies for the delay in responding , I did see some questions that could be worked with, and I am pretty sure they were in this stream, but cannot find them now.

Questioner Dear Cindy Teevens, I have removed the follow-up questions because they were repetitions of the same thing, I have realized, and the inquiry was already answered satisfactorily, thank you.

Cindy Teevens Ah, thank-you glad you found your answers. I found that I had to ask and keep asking until there were no more questions, and with that all dust covering the eyes and all doubts are removed.

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