Do most people feel unworthy? Survey…

Do most people worry?

Do most people meditate silently?

All this and more are soon to be revealed.chart

I am very excited to soon share the results of the Happiness Ratio Quiz, first published in my second book, “The Happiness Lie” in 2013.

For two years people have been taking the quiz to discover their ratio, and we’ve been collecting the mass data.

Soon you will be able to see where you stand, on average, and get insight into the population’s general suffering to happiness ratio–and some of the preliminary results are looking surprising!

If you have taken the quiz, you will get notified when and where to get the results. If you have not taken it, you may want to do so now, to get your ratio and the coming results.

Take the quiz here:

I look forward to discussing the results and providing some commentary on it and insights into the natures of happiness and suffering.


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