Do Thoughts Make You Suffer?


No. Thoughts are powerless, harmless, in and of themselves. Left along they can come and go because they only have a momentary existence, and no reality.

Thoughts are powerless

The brain’s job is to offer you thoughts, as options, not as mandatory, and it does a brilliant job of that, automatically churning out 40,000 thoughts a day, it is said. But you don’t believe them all, nor are you even aware of them all. So thoughts cannot “make” you suffer. Only when you give them the power of your reality by believing them, having interest in them, and putting your potent power of attention on them, do you suffer.

How you feel is your guidance system, your radar for detecting and bringing to awareness bad-feeling-thoughts that you are giving life to in your experience. It is your red flag to stop, and pay attention to what thought you are believing, to what you are giving attention. Learn to use the powerful practice questions of Alchemy to shift your state, detach, access wisdom, and free yourself from confusing thoughts for yourself. You can learn to unplug the power supply from the stressful stream of thinking

Thoughts are a known, much like you know your hand, or a passing cloud. You know them, they do not know you. Like the moon, they borrow and reflect the light of the sun in order to be seen. You are the sun.

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