Does suffering serve a purpose?

Does suffering serve a purpose?

Suffering causes you mental and physical anxiety, raises your blood pressure, makes your heart work harder than it needs to, triggers inappropriate and extended adrenaline production, exhausts you, negatively effects the chemistry of the mind, drives you to behave in ways you may regret, and can lead to depression. Suffering strains the body and causes illness. Suffering spreads energetically to other people. It could be called the worst disease, perhaps even the cause of all disease.
Does suffering serve a purpose? Yes…

The only purpose for suffering is to make you aware of where you are putting your attention, and to point you toward peace and joy.

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The only purpose for suffering is to wake-up to joy. Take control of your life, your health, and your contribution to the health of the world today, and begin practicing The Alchemy of Love and Joy™.  Use suffering for the only thing it is good for–to point you toward joy! Read more on the purpose of suffering in the book.

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