Help me share the Love, Peace, and Joy!

My father’s depression and suicide led me on a quest to find an end to suffering. Years later I discovered inner joy, which led to explosive love, a “direct seeing of self” and laughter at the cosmic joke. There was no purpose left in life but to share, with love and gratitude.

My mission to help those who are hurting or seeking inner peace and freedom in life.

In March 2014 I dropped all other work to focus on people, and it is working, but there is a long way to go yet to bring this to the world.

In this start-up stage, donations keep me working full time at this. They also help me give those people who are less financially fortunate a sliding scale rate, because nobody should be denied.

Some clients who have benefited from my products or services want to further contribute to the cause, so I created this buy button.

Click the down-arrow below to select your donation.

me-92x92May whatever amount you donate be returned ten-fold, and bring benefit to all beings.

With sincere gratitude,


PS–This is not a charity; no donation receipt will be issued.

Thank-you for Your Gift

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