Don’t go to satsang to feel good

Satsang is a Sanskrit word that means “gathering together for the truth” or, “association with truth.” It’s a group of people gathering around a teacher who speaks about and points to truth.

People often tell me they go to satsang for a day or week, and go home with a nice feeling, but that it only lasts a few hours or days. This is missing the objective entirely. Don’t go because you like the teacher. Don’t stay away because you don’t like their personality.

You are not there for a nice feeling. A nice feeling is not the goal, is not Realization. Go for knowledge, both true and false. You are there to be stripped away of everything you both ever hated and liked about yourself. You are there to have your false knowledge of not just others or the world, but of your very identity to be stripped away. You are there to be stripped of your self.

Better you go away disturbed than with a nice feeling. Something satsang can give you, far greater than a good feeling, is the understanding of how to do inquiry on your own at home, 24/7. Take that, and leave satsang so disturbed, earnest, and determined that you can’t let the question, “Who are you?” go, until you Know the answer.





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