Ecstatic Errand-Running Mind

Ecstatic Errand-Running Mind

I had an errand to run today, and the far-away echo of an old mind was noticed, “Do I have to go all the way there…!?” and I chuckled, just before going into my body and reaching for joy. Feeling my breath and the whole of my body simultaneously, immediately I felt expansion as a smile grew across my face.

Going outside and feeling the pleasure of the wind on my skin and the energy of the sun, my senses came alive to every touch, site, and sound. I noticed the sun rays beaming down to earth and then thoughts of howbeautiful the world is were followed by a tingling down my body. As I approached the highway I rolled-down the windows and my grin grew wider with the pick-up of speed, the freedom of mind, and rush of the air.

Then the strongest, deepest, most playful laughter belted-out from within along with the re-recognition and sheer joy of the truth of being.  The birds’ songs were known even with the speed, the roadkill was food for life, and the vast expanse and sheer brilliance of reality shone brightly. At my destination there was still more to experience and savour, and with the drifting scent from the wild fields, the experience grew with appreciation, love exploded, and tears of joy and gratitude began to swell. They are the only kind I experience now.

Coming back from dropping the envelope, the clouds to the south darkened and I felt their immense and powerful presence, a delight in itself, and also in their stunning contrast to the still glittering sun in the north. Along the highway again, a ribbon of thousands of small black birds lifted into the sky from the field beside me, “a miraculous gift I would not have received had I listened to the faded old mind.”

Of course, that is just more old mind. I could have also experienced the joy not going on the errand. Joy is eternally available wherever you are, because it is within.

When not resisting reality, reality is much kinder, sweeter, and more joyful than the old mind. I started dinner before I began writing this, and the glow of the joy continues. I wonder what other delights the rest of the evening will bring 🙂 –Seek Joy! Cindy

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