Ego Workshop ~ Welcome

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What is ego, actually, really?

This workshop answers this question, and every question you have about ego, like…

What can you do about that voice in your head?

Find out in the Ego Workshop Videos…


Five Powers you were born with, but don’t know you have!

  • We released the first of four Ego Workshop Videos, where you will learn all about:
    • Why you’ve tried one spiritual or self-help program after another but nothing sticks
    • Why you have bad thoughts and feelings you don’t like and can’t control
    • My story of how suicide led to spiritual breakthrough
    • The five powers you were born with, but don’t know you have, which therefore go on unconscious auto-pilot, causing suffering and havoc in all areas of life.
    • A Two-Minute Technique to Inner Peace
    • What ego actually is, and is not
    • What being unconscious is
    • What suffering is, and why and how it happens
    • The Happiness Lie you’ve inherited
    • The nature of mind, so you can work with it, not against it
    • The true and actual source of love and joy
    • The “Ace” up the voice in the head’s sleeve…
    • And more!

What people are saying…

Join me, as I get real, and bring spirituality down to something actual and practice–applicable–while recognizing the miracle.

You’ve heard “we are all One,” and other such spiritual messages before–You’ve got it mentally, now let’s “get it in your bones!”

See me there!


PS–and yes, it’s all free!