Fat is not a feeling, thanks Facebook!

BBC: Facebook removes the ‘feeling fat’ status update,
replacing it with ‘stuffed’

“Fat,” is indeed not a feeling, anymore than “skinny” is a feeling. The capacity for the human mind to contort, twist, delete, and generalize thought until we reach unbearable suffering continues to amaze me. That is what suffering is, the degeneration of thinking, unnoticed, uninterrupted. Yet still, thinking has nothing to do with what is, and what is never hurts, mentally-emotionally. Only a thought can hurt that way.

fat-not-feeling-facebook“Fat” as in, overweight, we can do something about. Mental-emotional suffering is purely self-serving–nothing can be done with it, other than to stop it. If someone says they feel “fat,” what are they really saying, what are they really feeling? Like there’s something wrong with them, like they aren’t good enough, like they’ve failed, or like they are rejected. That only a thought can hurt (and not what actually is), is our saving grace. That means we can reverse such suffering when we start becoming aware of it. The first steps are to realize that you are not a thought, and that believing a thought is optional. That is how all suffering is optional.

The BBC says, “Catherine Weingarten spearheaded the petition for Facebook to change the “fat” update.” We have enough ways to suffer via our language and thinking, thank-you Facebook for not contributing more to the unconsciousness.

Read the BBC article here.

PS–“Fat” refers to the body, not to you. So does “stuffed.” You are not the body any more than you are a thought.

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