Discover five powers you were born with~but didn’t know you have

Ego Bypass

Do you have thoughts and feelings you don’t like and can’t control? Want a powerful way to edge out the ego and make mind your friend, for inner peace, no matter what happens?”

Watch the [Free Videos] here. They are coming Sept 19th.

Ego is a battle you can’t win, you must stop the struggle–and make mind your friend! What is ego? What causes unconsciousness? Make these discoveries, and more, in this series of videos on ego.


When you don’t take conscious control of these five powers, they go on unconscious autopilot, and cause havoc in your life by causing:

  • stress
  • repeated negative thoughts
  • relationship misunderstandings
  • impulsive behaviour
  • degeneration of thinking
  • anxiety
  • emotional pain

It’s our confusion that causes pain, and keeps it continuing and repeating in what seems like patterns. Even just knowing about the powers helps you immensely, because you will understand what is actually going on. From there you can learn to use them, to make mind your peaceful friend.

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