Get Closer to Cindy with Periscope

The world just got a lot smaller, in a good way.

Through Periscope you get a new set of eyes and ears. It’s the closest you’ll get to stepping into my shoes. Travel with me and see what I see, hear what I hear.  It’s similar to television, but it’s not passive; you can interact and influence the presentation by sending text messages, and expressing support, love, and appreciation by tapping the screen to send hearts. And it’s all free!

cteevens-iphone-periscope-logoSee for Yourself, Live

Periscope takes “see for yourself” to a new level, bringing you closer to me, my life, the places I visit, my work, and events, in an experience that’s immediate, unfettered, and conversational.

You will see people shift from pain and suffering to inner peace, happiness, and love. Be inspired to look within and make the shift and change yourself.

It’s a whole new way to share and experience the world together. This is real life, raw and live, as it happens. Regularly interact with me in a way that was impossible, until now.


Periscope is a free app for your smartphone (Android or iPhone).

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We will have short, but power broadcasts twice daily, Monday to Thursday, and once on Fridays, spanning different times zones, with extra spontaneous broadcasts. The purpose is to be as available as I can for people around the world. Discover how to be the change you want to see, and let’s heal the world, from the inside out. I will be bringing you into my world, by pointing to a new perspective, with new possibilities, so you can access new ways to see, experience, and respond to the world.

Catch Me Later

Broadcasts will be available on Periscope, while still fresh news, for 24 hours. Later, some may be uploaded to my YouTube channel. You won’t want to miss a broadcast, because I will be showing you things like…

Coming Up Next…

  • 1st Live scope: LIVE Cindy Teevens ~ Happiness Goes Hand-in Hand with the Here and Now
  • Live Breakthrough Sessions
  • The “Enchanted Forest,” where I had the “direct seeing.”
  • Artifacts from the Forest
  • The Five Powers You Were Born With
  • The Happiness Lie
  • Two-Minute Technique to Inner Peace
  • Q&A – ask me anything
  • The Truth Test
  • Accessing the Power of Love and Joy
  • The Powerlessness of ego
  • How to Beat Anxiety
  • And More!


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