How can we all be one?

Pop Quiz!

How many trees are there?


I saw this on my walk tonight, and it inspired this blog. Seen from a limited perspective, it appears there are two trees. But that is not the truth. Seen from the true perspective, there is indeed only one tree.



When we contract our world into a tiny viewpoint, and draw mental lines between “self” and “other,” there appears to be separation–and many “others.” But when you see directly, without the middle-man of mind drawing invisible and imaginary boundaries between anything, it is all the seamless expanse of the one totality.

In the same way, it’s not that there are many “we” who need to be connected to our “one.” There literally is only one, and the illusion, from a tiny limited perspective, of many. To know all this is one, you don’t need to connect, you need to correct your perspective.


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