How does one find one’s purpose?

Dear Self: I’ve been looking for an answer to this for ages. Anyone have an answer to “how does one find one’s purpose?”Nothing I’ve tried has worked so far.

Cindy Teevens You will not find your purpose for you are living it. If there is a different purpose to come, it will find you.

Cindy Teevens PS–The Self says let’s not put the ox before the cart, and suggests you ask a yet more important question… That of who or what is seeking a purpose.

Cindy Teevens Now, let’s go deeper. Why do you ask this question?

Questioner: Because we’re all supposed to have a life’s purpose according to certain spiritual teachers, most of them anyway.

Cindy Teevens Ah, so before you had this thought, did you have a problem with purpose?

Questioner: Well, back in my Christian days it was, what is my calling or ministry.

Cindy Teevens I mean, you did not have a problem with purpose before someone told you you should have a purpose, right? (And you believed it.) So maybe the problem is this thought.

Cindy Teevens Without this thought of needing a purpose, if you could not think this thought, is there a problem?

Questioner: Hmmm! I’ll have to think about that one. I’ll let you know.

Cindy Teevens Okay please do.

Cindy Teevens Its a strange question, with a lot of assumptions built in 1) that there is a purpose 2) it’s lost or hidden 3) there is a you that has to find it. If you accept the question, then you have to accept all of these concepts. And of course, it’s nonsense, and so you will struggle with it infinitely, unless you question the question itself and drop it. There’s a HUGE difference between your so-called “PURPOSE” and simply your passion. Passions change all the time, and you don’t have to go seeking them.

Questioner: Maybe that’s why I haven’t found this one answer. I get answers for other things I ask. You may have a point there.

Commentor: Your purpose is to be happy and if you find your good at something along the way then you have a self created purpose! Maybe Your job, how you make people feel, family, a special gift people have noticed you have!Listening, cheering people up! We weren’t all sent here to move mountains! Life is simple and to be embraced. I’m sure you found your purpose well before you started worrying you never had one x

Questioner: Thanks Cindy and Commentor.

Cindy Teevens Happiness is not so much a purpose as a birthright, it is your natural state. To seek it in or from the world is to disturb it.

Questioner: oh yes, it comes from within.

Cindy Teevens If you remove the idea you need a purpose, and you find peace, then that was it. If there is still a nagging within then the fire to know Truth may have been lit, in which case it will not go away until you discover the true Self.

Commentor: We are entitled to perceive things differently! It appears you have a wealth of knowledge I spoke from my heart x

Questioner: I had years of bliss and and then lost it somehow, guess life just happened to bury it. I get it now and then, but not long lasting like before.

Cindy Teevens If one does not know the difference between themselves and thought, feeling, and the body, then your natural happy state will be obscured.

Questioner:  Pondering that one!

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