How to beat financial lack

Your current financial state is not current. It is not what is. Whatever you own now, came from the past. It is a reflection of what was. However much money is in your account now came from the past. It’s not your value now.

Your actual real financial state is your state of mind, and  that will become your future financial situation. Money limitations are only mind limitations.

Whatever the circumstances of the past (appearing now), is not your reality now, not your limitations now, and you can always think outside the money scarcity box.

You don’t have to wait for conditions to change to change your mindset now.

Don’t put limitations on yourself.

When you make a commitment to something, it is then that you will find the money--not the other way around.

On limited income?

Some people believe they are on a limited income. Well, you never have limited windfall income. With repeated windfalls, there’s no such thing as a limited income. Keep reading for details.

Quick Money Cures

–> Shift state about money

“I will get the money, then I can do, be (abundant).” Is false. It’s the other way around, and tomorrow never comes.

You are rich now, are you noticing?

Sit comfortably, enjoy a couple deep breaths, then look at the richness in your life. If you’re reading this, you have access to a computer! Whether it’s your own, someone else’s, or at the library, notice the richness of having access to the internet its abundance of information. What else do you have? Perhaps it’s tight paying the rent or mortgage, but you have a roof over your head. Heat. What did you eat today? Are you wearing clothes? Shoes? Pause and take notice of what you do have. (Ignore thoughts about what you don’t have.) Intelligence. Social services in your community. The library, and other public buildings you can walk into and use at any moment. A means of transportation. Resources. Clean water to drink. Education. Opportunities. People who care. Support. Whatever and all that you have.

Keep going, noticing the abundance in your life at this moment…Take time and enjoy it!

Appreciate it and see what happens, because you will start to feel rich, and get rich ideas.

–> Windfall Ideas for Infinite Income

Here are a few to get you started…

  • Sell stuff you don’t need. You can sell just about anything online, like eBay or Craigslist (research which you think is best for you). Or in a yard sale.
  • Free up funds: check your budget or evaluate your expenses—what can you forego for a bit in order to afford what you want?
  • Collect money owed to you
  • Crowdfund:
  • Do a (brief) side job
  • Fundraise offline, in your own unique way
  • Have a hobby? Sell your creations
  • Save: set aside funds until you have enough to make your investment
  • If necessary, borrow
  • Combine two or more of these strategies + your own creativity

–> Tap Your Rich Creativity

Tap creative thinking for resources and opportunities

  • Inspiration/example: Young man goes from offering a paperclip to owning a house in 14 trades! “What is one red paperclip worth? The paperclip in itself is not worth anything. It’s what Kyle’s done with the paperclip, and the power of this story is Kyle.” —actor Corbin Bernsen
  • Mind-map ideas and solutions: Step out of your mental box and do a mind-map to tap your own creativity!
  • Collaborate: enlist a resourceful, creative, supportive friend or family member to help you brainstorm and think outside your money box.

Lifelong Abundance

Give yourself an (empowering!) financial education. There are many rich resources out there, including excellent free teaching available–for anyone motivated to educate themselves on how to “do money” more effectively. Pick one that is a good fit for you.