I Wanted Honesty and Unconditional Love

I Wanted Honesty and Unconditional Love



Participant discovers

  • that honesty and unconditional love come from within, not from another
  • in mind reading someone else, you will not have honesty (truth), you will have your own fear’s false belief.
  • what was wanted was the feeling of unconditional love, and until you have it, your vision will be conditional
  • it is your lack of honesty and unconditional love that you see


Basically how it works is, I ask a series of questions.


and your job is to just stay focused on the questions as much as possible, and not just on the questions, but on answering the questions, okay?

Okay, say that one more time, I want to make sure I am hearing you again, stay focused on the question?

Yeah, and on the answer of the question, on the answer, okay?


Because there’s been a habit, everyone has had the habit of focusing on the opposite of these answers, so


Yeah this is going to be an interesting experience.

Okay, I’m excited!

Alright. So can you think of a time when you were okay, and then something happens, you see something or someone says something, and you feel bad?


Okay, so you were fine one moment, and then you’re not the next, right?


So here’s the first question, in that moment, when you notice you feel bad, what do you want?

Uhhhhh…in that moment when I feel bad, what do I want. To not feel bad [laughter].

Alright, that’s a pretty honest answer, but I want it to be even more honest. You know like a child would answer? When candy or a toy is taken away, and they feel bad, what do they want? They want the candy or the toy, right?

Yeah. The instance that I was thinking about when you asked the question, what I wanted was honesty.

From someone else.


Okay perfect. You want honesty, who doesn’t?



Let’s go with that. So the next question is, how does honesty feel?

It feels great, it feels like I have choice, it feels real, I guess like I have choices…is the best way I can describe it.

Okay great, anything else? You have choices, it feels real, what else? Anything?

Uhm..I don’t know it feels like…Uhm…true love

True love. Yeah, honesty is true love, isn’t it?

Unconditional love.

Unconditional, yeah same thing, but I know what you are saying with the unconditional. Perfect. So…those are good mental answers, those are the thought answers. Now we want to take them a little further. So, wherever you are right now I want you to feel your feet. You don’t have to move them, just feel into them because you probably weren’t feeling them before, right?

Say that again?

Can you feel your feet right now?


You weren’t aware of them before I asked you to do that, right?


Okay. Now can you feel the top of your head?


Can you do both at the same time.


All right and now take in your peripheral vision. Okay?


And finally, your breath, feel it moving in and out, doing this all at once.


Now what do you notice?

I don’t know…What did you say about my peripheral vision?

Just take it in so that you can see, if there are walls around you, you can see the side walls. You can see the wall in front of you, and you can also see the ones on the side, right?

So breathing in and out, peripheral vision, and head and feet?

Yeah. Got it?

Okay, we’ll see.

What do you notice when you do that?

I don’t know – my breathing slowed down.

Ah ha. If your breathing slowed down, do you think you’re more relaxed?

Oh yah.

Okay, so just doing that alone, coming to your senses – literally coming to your senses alone will help.


And I always want you to do that before you ask the second question, okay?


Which is “So how does having honesty, and choices, and unconditional love feel? and answer it with your body, as your body, as a feeling in the body.


Uh huh.

uhm…Kinda like what …butterflies in my heart uhm…I guess that would be it…Very warm!


Very warm. The longer you put your attention on this, the warmer it will get.


Yeah. Especially…

So I’m doing it right, huh?


You are doing it right.


Especially with the next request, which is to just appreciate that warmth, butterflies.


What happens when you appreciate it?

I don’t know.

You don’t know?

I feel the same.

Any change at all?

No, not really.

Are you appreciating? Appreciating the fact that you can do this? Just because you can?

Am I saying in my head I appreciate the fact that I can do this? Am I just thinking about being appreciative.

No, don’t think about being appreciative. Just enjoy…


First enjoy it, and then appreciate the enjoyment.

It makes me smile!

Ah there you go. Alright. Good, ok.

So is this how you prefer to feel?


So just enjoy that for another moment.

If you play with this later, you can alternate between appreciating it and enjoying it, and watch what happens. Okay?

Say that one more time?

Just alternate between appreciating it and enjoying it. You are enjoying it, and then appreciate the feeling the sensations, that you have it. What you will find is that it will grow. Your smile is an indication that it grew. And then you can appreciate the smile and everything, and then you do it again, and it will grow, and it will grow.


Yeah, it’s great!

ok [giggle laughter]

At some point mind might come in and go “Aw, you can’t feel that good.” If you believe it [laughter]…Ok, if you put your attention on it…. If you don’t believe it, if you don’t put your attention on it …and you say yah, but it is …right here right now, right?

But, yeah!

Yeah. [laughter]

Alright. Okay. You can kind of get a grasp on it, kind of hold it, it’s like an energy in your body right?


Ok good. So hold onto that, when I ask you the next question. Who or what did you need to have this?

You said who or what did I need to have this?


This feeling?

Yeah. Did you need any…

No. Just me.

Just you?

Just me.

Well…I needed you, you know, to get me there…


Now you know the questions. Right?


You can ask yourself?


You know how to do it now, right?


Ok good.

You just needed to know this was an option, right?


Because we weren’t taught this.

That’s right.

We were taught how to suffer. We were taught what we didn’t want.


When you were a kid and you were crying and your parents didn’t want to listen to you, what did they do?

I’m not gonna get that.

I’m not gonna get that? [laughter], okay. My parents sent me to my room.

Yeah okay.

What for? In my mind, okay that was the demand, right?  “If you want to cry, go to your room!”


So you go to your room, right? You cry, right?


You cry really hard. We learned how to suffer really well, but nobody ever said you could do the opposite.

That’s true.

‘Til now.


I really liked how you rather stay with this rather than go back into the past. That was great, I loved you attitude!

So feeling this warmth, this butterfly, the smiling, the breathing the relaxation, all of that. You didn’t need any body, you didn’t need anything – you didn’t need anybody’s honesty, did you?


In order to feel unconditional love. So when you were needing honesty, were you giving unconditional love?


So who was being dishonest?

Uhm…who was being dishonest with ….me?



So I asked who was being dishonest in love.


Who was being dishonest in love…I guess it would be me, if I wasn’t giving unconditional love.

Right. Right. Ok. Feeling this way, sustain it, hold it, this warm butterfly relaxed unconditional love, because you do what it is, right, you do know how it feels?


Okay good…Do you have choices now?


OK, good.

With these choice, what do you think of them now?

What do I think of the choices?

No. With these choices, and this feeling of unconditional love, what do you think of the person you thought who was being dishonest, and conditionally loving?

Uhm, what do I think of that person?


I love that person.

Beautiful. Okay.

What do you think of their actions, now? Sustaining this feeling.

I think that…I’m unsure of what their actions actually were…and more…concerned with where my mind was going with the situation…not necessarily…I didn’t know if they were being dishonest or not I just know how I felt at the time, or what I was thinking at the time.

Good for you. That is a big thing to realize because we never actually suffer as a direct result of what somebody does or says, we suffer about our beliefs about what they did or said.

Your gonna make me cry…[laughter] Not in a bad way…

I know, I know what you mean.

I really suggest you download the book because it talks a lot about mind reads. Mind reads are claiming to know what someone else’s intentions (or state) were. If you love this person, and if you what to have true open honesty and pure love with them, then when you notice a mind read, a bade feeling mind read, in your mind–its coming from you don’t forget, its not coming from them–ok?


When you notice that, that’s a cue, to ask, first of all to shift your state like you just did, to ask yourself what you want and shift it, second of all, if you really still care to know something about that person, then ask them their purpose or intention

I hate to keep asking you repeat yourself but I want to be sure I understand you…what did you say again?

Ask them their purpose or intention. Say to them…If they learned what a mind read was, you could admit, “I have a mind read” and I’d really prefer to know what your purpose is, or how you are feeling. Use that to open the door to get to know them better.  To know the truth of the moment, rather than your fear of the moment.


That’s what Alchemy is.

It’s very powerful.

Only when you are willing to look within, if you are willing to look within, it is completely powerful. You are completely powerful.

good for you, oh my god, full of love…


So amazed.


So you can do it any time and every time, and I’d love to head feedback, as to, you know, how it goes.

Okay – thank-you, so very much.

You are very welcome, thank-you for playing.

Love and joy to you.

You too.

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