Is it Reality or imagination?

A must-watch, quick video! This morning I was amused to come across this award-winning, 4-minute short that illustrates the experience of the ‘movie in the mind’ which I speak about. This is for most people, a dramatic example of unconsciousness, but the phenomena is exactly the same thing that goes on in your experience in daily life–such as sitting in your living room after having received an email from your Mother about her issues, and imaging that she is suffering today, and in crisis. You are convinced that she is suffering. You see her suffering about all her issues… but it’s all actually just in your mind.

All the while, what’s actually going on for you is sitting in the living room. Just sitting. There is no mother suffering. There is only you suffering over the movie in your mind.

When unconscious, you might be willing to accept that it’s imagination because you can’t possibly know if your mother is suffering at this moment. That is to miss the point… It’s not about whether or not the content of the movie in the mind is right or wrong. It’s the fact of the movie in the mind. It’s the fact of missing what is now.

Is it Reality or imagination?–the state of being unconscious to reality because one is absorbed in the mind so much, that it appears to displace and replace reality.

Beyond making you miss buses, exits, and appointments, absorption in the movie in the mind is much more damaging in your world and beyond.

If you persist in clinging to your movie in the mind, and fail to discern the difference, then you perpetuate unconsciousness, and that is the only place you will live, and all you will ever know. Living there, you are out-of-sync with what is actually going on, and out-of-touch with other people. Acting on the movie, as if it’s real and true, you can trigger both pain and unconsciousness in others, and so contribute to perpetuating the mass unconsciousness responsible for the problems and atrocities in the world.

The movie in the mind is very painful, in part because it is based on your stored bad memories, and hopes and fears, and in part because it’s untrue. The pain is trying to wake you up. What actually is, is much kinder, and is something we can do something about. You can’t do anything about a dream, except wake up from it.

(Of course, “Reality” itself, the single, Absolute, is not either of these, however if we live unconsciously and don’t discern the movie in the mind from what is going on, then we can hardly ever hope to discover Reality.)

This creative, animated video called, “Ruben Leaves,” is very popular, and going viral. (4 min.)

RUBEN LEAVES from Frederic Siegel on Vimeo.

Wake-up from the movie in the mind…

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