Love, Peace, and Joy in Death

Love, Peace, and Joy in Death

This morning, I received the news that someone close to me has passed away.

This is the first death in my experience since The Alchemy of Love and Joy™ came to me. We first met at her son’s funeral (he is listed on my Gratitude page), and her steady presence, surprising humour, and positive outlook at the funeral impacted me; I was almost shocked to learn she was his mother. We became fast friends, taking each other out to lunches and dinners.  I considered her family. The news came via email… and my first response was a surprised “Oh,” and I waited to see what would arise next, watching for sadness and preparing to practice. As I thought of her and began to feel her, there was no sadness, and in fact there grew a pleasant love. Intelligence opened-up into knowing death is not not the opposite of life. Birth and death are what life does. Life has no opposite, no separation. And I knew we are not separate.

There was also the echo of old mind, a knowing that old mind would have been suffering, and that it was an option.  A recognition “this is new,” arose and with that, a smile grew and love and peace blossomed.

Then the thought that I had not seen her in some time was suddenly interrupted by a sense of her mildly sarcastic humour and playfulness that “that was my choice.” And she is right, and I am glad and grateful to love and to appreciate her now. That was followed by happy thoughts that she is with her son, and a knowing that all is well.

This week I will attend the wake and funeral with a compassionate heart and presence for the family while internally holding a celebration for having her arise in my heart and mind. Now. As always.

Awakening Joy™

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