Joy in Sickness

Joy in Sickness

Last night, for the first time since learning how to awaken joy, I felt physically sick, and the phenomena was fascinating. It may have been the orange juice and iron pill that triggered the “pained feeling” in my stomach, which  became an overall feeling of sickness so quickly that I did not notice the switch–until I began the practice.  As I went inside to seek a better feeling, it was almost like the stomach pain separated from the sickness feeling. As the good feeling grew, the sickness feeling faded, disappeared, and then even the stomach pain felt far away. When I stopped practicing, the sickness feeling returned! So I continued feeling good (while noticing the distant “pain”), and fell asleep with a smile.

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  1. My dad has a minor tissue rapture in his leg not healing. He imagined all the cells there healed & in joy, having a party…..soothing the leg 🙂

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