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    Hello John,

    I hope you download and read the story. My father suffered extreme anguish and depression, and shot himself. I found him. There have been many other traumas in my life, but this reply is not to compare events and circumstances.

    What I learned was that no matter the content, no matter the events, the structure of suffering is the same, whether it’s intensely suffering over “just” a relationship break-up or a loved one’s death. In that way, my suffering was no different than any others’, but what was different was what I did in the middle of it that ended the emotional psychological pain. There is a way out.

    I have had the privilege to help suicidal people, people dying of cancer, parents of abducted children, and people in abusive relationships.

    I know it may seem hard to believe–it sure was for me–but peace and joy are available. I hope you become open enough to be curious, and take a look.


  2. I have had my share of crap in my life, just to give a few lost my Dad in 1984 from Cancer, broke my neck in 1989, my Mom passwed away in Feb. 2006 and five months later my wife of over 20 years died from a mistake a doctor made in surgery, this was July 2006, then lost my daughter and grand daughter in 2008, tell me now how in the world can anyone be happy when all this crap happens. Maybe you have not lived a real life or you are a scam but there is no way people can smile and be happy when GOD and life deals you this crap evertday…..

    John C. Owens

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