Love Never Hurts, Even in a Break Up

So what hurts when breaking up?

Optional thought-feelings about breaking up is what really hurts

Love itself never hurts. Cindy demonstrates Alchemy with this client, who asks if feeling love without a partner is imagination. In truth, it is imagination to believe that love “came” from someone else. Such attachment is the root cause of all pain. All suffering is imagination, and unnecessary.

Candid Conversation #4


  • How you have never loved a person
  • How your power of attention makes you feel bad, or not
  • How break up suffering is optional

Cindy shows people how to be happy for life, without controlling thoughts, changing circumstances, or healing the past.

To be continued…

Cindy Teevens is one of the leading inner peace and happiness facilitators, exceptional and unique in helping people shift their state and transform their lives permanently, from the inside out. Six years after the violent suicide of her father, in one moment her own intense suffering was swapped for amazing joy, altering her life permanently. Happiness and peace became her predominant states. Understandings began to come about how we have been living backwards, how we have mistaken the outside for the inside, and how we have tethered ourselves to the uncontrollable winds of change in the midst of freedom—and how we can return to truth, sanity, and peace. Months after discovering joy, one day in the woods she was knocked to her knees by an explosion of love that was followed by the end of time and space, self and other, and when she looked up at the trees, she saw them *as* herself, as everything is. Uncontrollable laughter belted out from the belly of being, tickling every cell in her body as it laid on the snow, laughing and crying at the cosmic joke.

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