Manifesting: Is what what we experience a mirror of our mind?

Dear Cindy Teevens even when we come to the full realisation that the world/universe is not separate from our God-Self/Truth and thus was not created by the ego-consciousness, it seems to be influenced by ego-consciousness, as follows:

When we are deeply identified with ego-beliefs, the events we experience are of conflict, adversities or even disasters; and on the opposite end of the scale, when have surrendered to our Divine Truth in our heart, we experience Miracles & Revelations that cannot be denied.

So, it would be hard to deny the fact that the outside world mirrors our inside maturity of soul, or inside openness of heart. Given that then, would it be correct to say that even though the universe arises in our God-Self/Truth, what we experience is a mirror of the true and untrue energies inside our mind allowed by the Heart’s choice/maturity/surrender.

The deeper our surrender, the more true energies flow in our mind manifesting as events that reflect harmony and peace.

Dear Self: To conclude, even though ego is an illusion, it shapes what we experience, and so it is a projector…!?

Cindy Teevens Mind claims conclusions, and even ownership, after the fact. Mind is always after the fact. It by nature must be. Things happen, and mind presents the old news as if real, now, and true. For example, one day I left later than planned, and when I turned the corner there were two cars in the ditch upside down. What I now call “old mind” said,”If you were ‘on time’ you would have been in that accident!”

Ego could believe this thought, and believe it had something to do with protecting me. However the very next thought was, “If you had left on time, that accident wouldn’t have happened,” because of course the whole situation would have been different.

Which is true?

Neither. Both are mere comments after the fact. No thought is true or truth. Mind is much like sports commentators, nattering on about the game–but having nothing to do with the game. The game is not controlled by ego. The dream (or nightmare) is overlayed on top of the game. One of the biggest props to ego is the potent idea of “manifesting.” How powerful it appears to itself. Still, ego does not manifest–it veils.

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Perhaps you’ve noticed that no matter how hard you try, you can’t stop thoughts, and you are not impressed with many of them. Disillusioned with the temporary material world, you might be asking, “Is this really all there is to life?” You may feel empty and frustrated, perhaps with a sense that something is off, or missing.  The big questions, “Why am I here, how did I get here, where do I go from here?” may be arising. You can ask these questions, and more, here. You are not necessarily religious, yet you sense there must be something more, and you might even use the word spiritual. Maybe you’ve heard of the cosmic joke, awakening, or enlightenment, but it all sounds like Greek to you.

Yet still, there must be more…Something real, and true, and lasting.

There is. It is awaiting your recognition.

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