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Cindy dubbed Happiest Canadian by US Media

Canadians vs. Americans – American radio personality Doug McDonough (WMBS Radio, Uniontown PA) introduced Cindy as “Canada’s Happiest Person” with a musical score he created himself. It’s very entertaining, and happy!  You can listen to it here: listen to it here.

Middle Age Can Be Your Best Age ~ Roy Richards

Zap Sadness and Stress – Let’s make ‘Don’t Worry…Be Happy’ our sacred mantra for the new year! Before skeptics holler, ‘Easier said than done!’ tune in as guest Cindy Teevens–one of the world’s most joyful and contented people–spells out her formula to rid your mind of sadness and stress in five minutes a day.

Dr. Stan Freger

What is S.A.D.? – Cindy Teevens – Catherine Batscha

Dr. Love ~ Dr. Jamie Turndorf

How to Be Happy Now Matter What – January 12, 2014

Dr. Carole’s Couch ~ Dr. Carole Liberman

The Cure for the Bad News Blues – October 1, 2013


ckcuCKCU Living an Integrated Life with Pat Lever

Nov 10, 2010. CKCU-Living-An-Integrated-Life-Nov-10-210_final


ckcuCKCU Living an Integrated Life with Pat Lever

Nov 24, 2010. CKCU-Living-An-Integrated-Life-Nov-24-2010_final


Kandi-Phillips-BlogTalkRadioKandi Phillips’s BlogTalk Radio Interview – Body, Mind, Soul

2011 – Listen to Kandi’s interview here.



Paul-Goldman-Journey-Into-OnenessJourney Into Oneness with Paul Goldman – April 4, 2012

Paul speaks with Cindy here.


Conscious Evolution MediaVideo

Real Coaching Network“No Greater Joy” interview, Steve Toth



kickass-canadians-squareKickass Canadians

Blogger Amanda Sage featured Cindy Teevens here.

Cindy Teevens – author-speaker-teacher-facilitator. By Amanda Sage. “I launched because I know a lot of inspiring Canadians and wanted to share their insights and experiences with the world. Everyone you’ll read about here has a unique perspective, talent, drive and generosity that makes our country a better place to be.”

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