Mooji speaks with Cindy about her Direct Seeing

They share laughter and love, trying to speak the Unspeakable

There were 300-400 people on the call, as I remember. It was a privilege to be the last caller and to be able to express my gratitude. Overwhelming gratitude motivated me to meet and thank him in person, but even that desire quickly subsided. The gratitude and joy remains. This video was made April 26, 2010, and the direct seeing happened three months before, and nine months after the discovery of joy within.

I had been seeking God, to see and know the Divine, or Source, directly, not as a thought, concept, or hope, but to have final knowing of Truth. Not only was the sense of someone “doing” not there (as Mooji says), the “I” who I thought I was, was gone, and so were both thought and speech, for some time. The love expressed to Mooji was not personal love; it is far greater than that.

It took four years for the realization to integrate and steady itself enough to try to share the unspeakable with others. Of course It still cannot be spoken, but It can be pointed to, and the false knowledge that appears to veil It can fall away.

I will be writing more about this and other understandings and experiences in my new book. Subscribe to this blog to hear more.

PS–Mooji was so right; there is just more of the same! haha

Click here for the full radio show. Our conversation is at the very end of this two-hour long video on “”

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