People think we are connected, and that is the problem

People think we are connected, and that is the problem. What is required, assumed, or built-in, in order to be connected? Disconnected. We originally think we are “other” than the totality. We imagine that we exist as some actual, separate thing called a person. So we try to band-aid that strong belief in separation with a weaker idea that we are “connected.” It will never work. What is needed is to begin to see the truth–that there is no such thing as separation to begin with. Only when we throw out the false idea of who we are, will we be able to see the truth of our Self. Like dismissing the appearance of a man in shadow. The man never existed in the first place; does he need to be “connected” to the shadow to be whole and for the problem to go away? No, it’s insane. What’s needed is to drop the false, so the truth can be recognized. That is how the separation never happened, and is only an illusion. A tiny mad idea, a mere idea (from A Course in Miracles, ACIM). The mind concocts separation, but the true Source, or Heart, or God, or Self, knows the truth, because it is the Truth.

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