Popping the illusion: Shiny or painted legs?

What do you need to pop the illusion  of separation, to know the One reality? You need to directly know the truth.

How? You must question what you think you know.

Today I was scanning the news and saw a photo of shiny legs, then saw the headline about a raging debate, with the question, ‘Shiny or painted?’ And at first was confused.

What’s the big deal about shiny legs? “So she put something on her legs to make them shiny,” was the mind read. “Maybe this will become a new fad.”

Mind reads happen, to fill in the gaps, when there’s incomplete information. But they are just guesses and have nothing to do with reality.


Then “painted” stood out as misfit information (you can paint shiny?), and so I read the article. I clued in that the legs could be shiny, or painted white.

Really? So I looked again, this time with the new knowledge, and sure enough, I directly saw how there was *only* white paint, and nothing shiny.

“Shiny” was never real or true, never the reality. It was only an appearance, caused by ignorance (not knowing), and not questioning what is really true.

The article says, “Many say that once they see the paint, the optical illusion of shiny legs is lost forever.”

What about you? Did you see shiny legs at first? What about now, now that you are not ignorant to the paint?

If I work at it now, I can “shift perspective” and see “shiny legs,” for a brief moment. But the knowledge of the truth that there is only white painted legs can never leave.

That is exactly what Self-Realization is like. The idea that there are others (and anything other than yourself) is lost forever.

Once you know the truth, there is no going back. You can still know what an illusion is, but you can never be fooled again.

This is why I incessantly drive people back, to question their assumptions, conscious and unconscious.

To not just in arrogance or ignorance spew, “What I know,” but rather to consider “I” as sacred and to inquire and reflect and question everything you think you know, before you go around stamping the false with your power of authority.

Because as long as you say the false is true, you can never directly perceive or know the actual truth. All you will ever see is “shiny legs.”

You are being offered new, true knowledge: There are no others and everything and everyone is the same singularity–the one Self is all there is.

Now you have the knowledge and are  no longer ignorant. Look again, and don’t continue to ignore this information.

If you don’t see this truth that already is each and every moment, it’s because you are holding false “knowledge” to be true, creating the veiling illusion.

Question everything, especially your very identity, your limited idea of yourself and others, and look again.

Do this over and over until the Truth dawns on you.

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PS ~ The “shiny legs” article.

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